Thread Hiding and Closing Service


Yes you can xD, your thread just won’t show up on the front page.


kk ty


I sunk your thread and deleted the comment with the link so there isnt easy access to it. :slight_smile:


@Dredge116 done! :xkaydotx: if you want it closed permanently, let me know!


@Dredge116 done :xkaydotx:




@SockMonster1 done! :xkaydotx:


Thanks Kay <3

Nice seeing you again btw.


Likewise! :hearts:


@raavenreyes done! :xkaydotx:


Done :xkaydotx:


Thank you!



I’m trying to do random wattpad feature experiment/code experiments…


If you’d like to practice some coding/general coding/testing things out, we have the HTML Playground for that :hearts: if you’re setting up a shop, or need a place to experiment with specialised coding, then I can sink it for you :xkaydotx: let me know which one it is! :smile:


Didn’t you hide threads before that were meant to test out coding?


Those were usually ones where people were creating their coding to use in shops/graphics/etc :smile: it’s true I may have missed the purpose of a few I’ve sunk, that’s on me, but it’s usually the above :smile:


Ah ok :+1:


ok then I’ll use the playground….i’ll use mine when I know exactly what i’m doing ;_;


@FireAlwaysReturns done :xkaydotx: let me know if you want me to clean it up a bit, and i’ll delete all the comments that aren’t coded for your shop :hearts: