thread of writing prompts that we can use sometimes


i’d love to start doing writing prompts not as a story chain but as individual posts w/ full-fledged stories (however long) per user
and i want to start a thread w/ writing prompt ideas.

this is that thread


A writing prompt ideas thread is a good thought. Should definitely be started.

I’m just going to say that this video here is a great prompt just waiting for someone to take over writing it. And it has a cover already made!


@uncleL Like the idea. I suggest that we add the word limit to give it some excitement.

But then… it’d be the same as the contests that are being hosted on Wattpad…

How about a visual prompt? No words limit.


Since it’s pretty easy to upload photos here we could do story cube prompts. I used those to inspire one of my works. (But I’m not at home right now so I can’t roll the story cubes to get photos at the moment.)

Also, I can’t be too explicit about it or make a link but I know there exists a place on Wattpad where I listed some prompts. Those were of the brief phrase type, as opposed to a situational prompt.

I like the more open to interpretation prompts, but I’m aware some people like more specific starters.