I was wondering if anyone knew of a reason that we can’t delete the threads we create?

I was hoping this would be a feature in the new clubs, but it wasn’t added. Someone thought it was because trolls shouldn’t be able to delete their threads before getting caught, but they have the power to edit their comments.

It just seems like people who are told they are breaking the rules or have resolved the issue they posted should be able to delete their thread.

If you break a rule an Ambassador will close your thread and then unlist it.
They didn’t allow us to delete a thread, because if it is deleted they can no longer search for other rulebreakers

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They can always flag their own thread and request it be closed, edit the title to request it be closed, or tag a moderator and request it be closed. It works the same way as it did in the old clubs. :katherinearlene:


I know. I just didn’t much care for the way it worked in the old clubs. You would have a thread that was breaking the rules up for days, even one that had ‘closed’ in the title.

I always just wondered what the reason was that a person couldn’t delete their own thread once they found out they were breaking the rules.

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