Three Questions: Featured List, websites reaching out via pm, and stolen story

Hey everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve really been on the threads (not since they got rid of the old forums and made this instead).

As my title suggests, I have three questions. The first is: How do I apply to be on the Featured List? I thought it was adding a featured tag, but I’ve heard that it’s now an application, and I can’t find anything recent about the list on the threads. If anyone could help me out with this it’s much appreciated!

The second is, two different accounts reached out to me (with the same copy pasted message of "I read your story, love it and we’ve got a new site and we want you on it.) The site is called Xnovel. I’m assuming it’s a straight up scam (by assume I mean I’m 99.999% sure), but just want to make sure these things aren’t legit.

The third is: I saw a website that stole my story off of Wattpad (word for word), as well as countless other Wattpad stories. I want to get my story taken down off of the site, but I’m not sure how. Do I have to file a DMCA takedown or something with Wattpad? Cause if so, that seems like a lot of work for something that might not even be effective. I really don’t like that my story has been taken, and I know it happens, but will Wattpad do anything to help or no?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

I think the application is still in Nick’s old post here: Incoming Changes to Featuring. Feel free to correct me, anyone, if there’s a newer version!

Gosh, I’ve gotten a lot of these, too. I’ve never heard of Xnovel so I can’t speak about them directly, but I’ve been reached out to by a lot of small name apps and even Webnovel throughout my Wattpad writing journey.

As far as my understanding goes on those offers, they’re usually “real” offers but typically they’re Wattpad competitors who want to have writers from Wattpad move to their site for more content/publicity/readers/ect.

Definitely look into their website/app/social media and take a look at how “real” they seem to be, what sort of contracts they’re offering you, and what other people’s opinions are about them before you make any decisions. Especially take a look at how they treat your work (for instance, if you upload it on their site, do you lose any rights to your own book?).

That sounds horrible. You should definitely report that somehow (and if you have time maybe notify some of the writers who probably unknowingly had their books posted, so they’re aware of it). What was the name of the website?

I’ve never submitted one, so I’m not sure how Wattpad handles that kind of thing, but definitely report it to them! I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy about a website ripping books directly off their platform, and it might protect other writers, too, if they are able to do something about it.

  1. I don’t really get how featured works anymore

  2. nope its a scam stay FAR away. They tell us to report but i did that and they “solved” it but did nothing… also they said they read my stories but the account they pm ed HAS NO STORIES LOLOL

  3. its a mirror website, basically they just copy/pasted a section of wattpad, there’s nothing that you can do

All this stuff is talked about A LOT around the forums especially in Ask the Ambassadors Anything! and A Thingy About Copyright


Unless you’re already famous on Wattpad, anyone who comes out of the blue with an offer to publish your book or pay you for it is almost certainly a scammer, hoping to capitalise on the desperation and insecurity of naive writers. Reputable publishers don’t need to go looking for new writers - they already have more writers coming to them than they could hope to publish. Did the messages say anything about why they think you or your book would be a good fit for their site? Or anything to indicate they’d even read any of your work?

Using Wattpad’s messaging system to solicit users to join other sites is against Wattpad’s Ts&Cs. These people either don’t know they’re not supposed to do that, or they do know and they don’t care. Neither bodes well for any working relationship you might have with them.

Instead of typing all that, I could’ve just pointed you to this thread: Contacted by Dreame

I don’t know if there’s any official connection between Xnovel and Dreame, but they seem to operate in the same way. By now, Dreame must’ve had hundreds of accounts terminated for spamming Wattpad writers.

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@DawnFaye You can read more information regarding these sites here: Spam and Recruiting via Private Messages on Wattpad