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Read Society’s Flaws (A Detective Story)


Janette ‘Jana’ Andrews and Damien ‘Nicky’ Coleman are police detectives solving crimes in the heart of present-day Little Rock, Arkansas. The detectives are looking for a serial killer that has a thing for pretty teenage girls. The killer “The Striker” stalks poor (East side) and affluent girls (West side) in different parts of the state. They have been looking for him for over three years now. Can the detectives catch this killer and prevent his next crime spree?



What good would it do anyone for them to gain the world and lose their soul? And how far would a man be willing to go for his own self-gain?

The Cormicks are a family of generational wealth, dominating the business world and leading the elite of Caplan, New York. With a secret that threatens to break them apart in the midst of tragedy, who knows how long they’ll hold it all together? The most elite city in America holds many secrets.

Too many.

~Coming Soon~


•°•To Possess Is To Destroy All Possibility Of Love•°•

Hailee Erickson :-

A girl with a broken heart. A girl who left her music career just to be with her brother. A girl who doesn’t have a home. A girl constantly surrounded by danger that comes from her own people. A girl so broken that she is beyond repair.

Ryder Montez :-

A carefree happy go-lucky guy. A guy who is infatuated with broken things. A guy who loves the thrill of chasing others. A guy who wants to fix every broken thing in the world. A guy who wants to fix Hailee Erickson.

But what happens when they become friends? The danger that surrounds Hailee Erickson makes a comeback again. Will they be able to survive it?