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Hi, thank you for your post! Please find my action adventure crime detective thriller here -'s-nest

Blurb for Max Hunter: the Dragon’s Nest:

When Max Hunter’s parents, the greatest private detectives in the world are killed in a mysterious fire and their case is closed by the police, Max investigates with his family butler and technological genius, Charles Smith. But as he probes, he learns that the Secret Order, the world’s most feared criminal organisation who were once extinguished by his parents, have returned and something known as the Dragon’s Nest is at the heart of everything. The Secret Order has eyes and ears everywhere. Everyone he knows is suddenly a suspect. Who murdered his parents? What is the Dragon’s Nest? As Max works undercover to find out, harrowing events unfold, which change his teenage life forever…

Title: Lost: Casa Perdida
Genre: Action; Adventure; Thriller; Suspense;
Blurb: A group of 10th graders is stranded in the Bolivian Jungles after their guardians leave them and never return. Little do they know that close to where they’re stranded are the hunting grounds of the legendary, man-eating, poltergeist La Negra. As they try to survive in the jungles amid disastrous weather, will they come out alive? Or will they, in trying to do so, become Negra’s next prey?

A story of a time when what was supposed to be a fun trip, turned into a walking nightmare for these children who came from as far as Wyoming, the United States on a class trip to Bolivia.

I hope you all love this story!


Hi, check out my ongoing story titled “No7”.

Hospital is a building of hope, a symbol of life and healing. A place where people confide their pain and also a place where there renew their strength. That is the mission and vision of White Hope Hospital. A hospital that excels in health care, clinical research providing services to community, people come and go with good expectations. Behind this prestigious face, a dark secret.


An ongoing reboot of a novel published in 2012, updated for the modern-day.

Danny Patterson isn’t a killer. He doesn’t have it in him, that’s what everyone says. All he ever wanted was a quiet life with Stacy Ryan in his arms and evenings spent as a drummer with his best friend’s band. A simple life.

But fate, it seems, has other ideas.

Looking for answers in the wake of the murder of his best friend, Danny is inadvertently pulled into a bizarre game of cat-and-mouse with Alistair Carter and a sinister group known as the Rogues… And Danny’s the mouse.

With Carter striking at the heart of everything he holds dear, Danny knows that the only way to stop the bloodshed - and to save Stacy - is to become the very thing he fears the most: A killer.


TRAPPED. The novelization based on the 1989 made-for-TV movie directed by Fred Walton (When a Stranger Calls).

A lonely facilities manager working late one night finds herself trapped in her high-rise office building with a psychotic killer.

"It’s easier to develop biological weapons if no one knows about them.

But something went wrong.

A specimen container was handled incorrectly. An employee left a breakroom window ajar late one night. Or maybe global terrorism finally managed to shatter our delusion of a peaceful co-existence between our species and the environment. Rumors are created everyday as to what really happened. Like an Area 51 conspiracy, no one truly knows how it all began."


Bıçak sağ elinin uzağında bulundu ayrıca maktulün sağ elinde aynı bıçak ile yaralanma mevcut ve de maktul solak…




Author @sweet-lemontea

For Cassidy and her best friend Kate, a zombie apocolypse wasn’t exactly their plan for a Tuesday night. I mean, a zombie apocolypse happening is the least of your worries when your 19 in college and still trying to figure out how to sneak weed into a dorm without being caught. I mean what’s the possibility of an actual apocolypse happening. Right?

*That’s what Cassidy thought until they were surrounded by dead people with the drive to eat the flesh off their bones, while her best friend was lying on the floor smoking marijuana while dramatically sobbing about all the things she could of done with her life. *

Not exactly your typical Tuesday evening, but what even is normal at this point?

I have recently found that zombie books are getting quite popular at the moment and I’m just in love with them. They have inspired me to write, and have motivated me to write my own. I can’t express to you how much reading zombie books have changed me in a creative way. anyway thank you for your time!

Please check out my book!

(Highest ranking in mystery / thriller #15) Agent 411 works for the most powerful law enforcement body in the country, The Agency. After investigating a suspicious information breach at a murder scene, she stumbles upon an enemy greater than any she has ever confronted, a traitor in the ranks. The traitor has enlisted a serial killer to carry out contract killings. Can she find the killer before he finds her? Can she find the traitor before it’s too late?

Laura Reid is a teenager from a community town who finds herself traveling a journey she never wanted to take. Her high school sweetheart disappears after committing a crime against the state, leading to her town falling under the watchful eye of The Agency. Can Laura convince her community and the agency that she was not a coconspirator? Can the traitor be found before it’s too late?

One bird will fly, one bird will fall, and one bird will rule them all.

Book 1 of the series.


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If you have ever met him, Declan Darby knows how you are going to die.

A gentle touch. Typically comforting, often full of love and compassion, almost always harmless and done with the best of intentions. Most people welcome it, but not Declan Darby. After surviving a horrific accident, Declan constantly lives in fear. A fear that runs so deep that it has turned into a social anxiety that controls the majority of his life. While most phobias are irrational, having festered for years, or even decades, Declan’s fear of physical touch is justified. He lives with a secret, an ability that has plagued him since the accident. Thrown into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, Declan and his quirky, upbeat partner Dover race to save humanity from a disaster that he inadvertently helped create, and save the woman he loves in the process. Declan must face his fears and use his abilities as the gifts they were meant to be.

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Crimson Dawson has a complicated life. Her mother died during child birth, she lives with her abusive grandmother, and she is ostracized by everyone in the town. But Crimson has learned to live with the mess she calls life that is until a body is found in her little town of Far Water making complicated turn into a complete disaster. Will Crimson be able to clear her name off the top of the suspect list? Will she find out who her long lost father is? Will she even make it out alive?
Third place on The 2018 Golden Awards for Mystery/Thriller
First place in the 2018 Pen Awards for Mystery/Thriller