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Title: Bite Me
Author: milkandalittlehoney
Subtitle: let your tastebuds run wild
Genre: romance
Brief Description: A girl wants to be a chef but ends up working as a waitress in a really fancy restrant. she falls in love with sexy bad boy/head chef
Cover Type: dont mind just as long as its sexy
Anything Else: Mabuhay xx


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Title: Descent to the Underworld
Author: imakemyowndestiny
Subtitle: N/A
Genre: Fantasy
Brief Description: A girl’s journey to the underworld
Ideas if any: maybe something like a girl (red hair) falling or maybe anything related to the word “underworld” (please tell me if you need more)
Cover Type: Manipulated
Anything Else: Mabuhay, kababayan! I would like to request a cover! It will help me so so much!



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Title: eyes without a face
Author: anya
Subtitle: n/a
Genre: fanfiction
Brief Description: veronica sciarri, a young italian-american woman with only the strength of academia on her end, blossoms into a silent savior after her unexpected alliance with sherlock holmes himself.
Ideas if any: I’m really into the night and rain (any will do.) i’d like it to be in a city at night and for the girl to be black haired with a tan skin tone (again, if possible.)
Cover Type: minimalistic, but whatever seems fit to you is completely okay
Anything Else: i’d appreciate it if the picture of the girl doesn’t have her face shown, as i want my words to do that. i’m not too picky though


Hello po! Wow, your graphics are fabulous :scream::heart_eyes::heart: Now I wish I had written a story…



Title: The Truth About Us
Author: Allie Dawn
Genre: Teen Fiction
Brief Description: twins find out that they were adopted
Ideas if any: a guy and girl (both brown hair, light skin tone), not romantic
Cover Type: Simple
Anything Else: Thanks in advance! Mabuhay!



Title: Every Last Regret
Author: Allie Dawn
Genre: Teen fiction
Brief Description: a girl in foster care
Ideas if any: a girl (blonde) sitting or standing on steps of a house
Cover Type: Can be simple or manip if need be
Anything Else: Thanks in advance! Mabuhay!


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