Timog Silangan ☀ quality covers [closed]




Title: The Prince
Author: imtotallynotokay
Genre: romance fantasy
Brief Description: It’s basically about a knight falling in love with a prince.
Ideas if any: I was thinking of having a knight kneeling with a castle and a lake in the background or woods and a castle. If you can could you swap out the face with Liam Payne or just have the face hidden.If the knights wearing a helmet can you use one where its not square shaped.
Cover Type: Manipulated
Anything Else: Mabuhay



I’m just curious tho, what software do you use to design your covers? I find your work awesome btw.



@vuoyez and @lavenderlove, yours are accepted! I can’t promise to have yours done as quick as the previous orders I had since hellweek is starting to knock on my door, but I’ll work on your books as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding :<



as much as I’m a directioner like you, I have to pass on this one. I’m sorry :<
Again, like the first denied request, the details are too specific and knights are quite a rare find on the stash where I get royalty free images from. I would accept this naturally, but I have a really squeezed time constraint in the following days-weeks, and your cover would be something I would work on which needs a lot of time. So yeahh, sorry for that :<


Hi! Thank you so much <3
I use Adobe Photoshop for all the editing ^^
There are times (but rarely) when I use Adobe Illustrator, for marks or logos… or other vector needed assets in a cover.


Thank you :smiley:


Sure! You can request whenever the shop is open. Salamat ulit!


sure, it’s okay. thank you and good luck on hell week! c:



Here’s what I came up with @lavenderlove . I hope you like it ^^. Confirm your payment through a follow ^^ and if you will be using the cover, please mention me as credit in your story. :smiley:


Sorry for the late reply!! Thank you so much! The cover is gorgeous. I have followed you and will credit you as well!