Timog Silangan ☀ quality covers [ON HOLD]

Wow! This is much much better than the image I prefer. Thank you for this! I’ll probably come back for more haha! :smile:

Naks naman. Thank you! Don’t forget the payment ^^

So I read your description and it’s basically a female hero story? ^^ ano yung tingin mo babagay sa cover mo? character? landscape?

Thank you! I love it <3

you’re very welcome!

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boom panes

im taking orders!

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Title: Broken Compass
Author: Gaebrielle
Subtitle: I need to find my way back.
Genre: General Fiction
Brief Description: She woke up remembering absolutely nothing. When she was suddenly arrested with no explanation, she knew that she needed answers or else she was going to be thrown into prison. Will she remember her past? Or will she fail to prove her innocence?
Ideas if any: a pretty blue background with a compass in the middle that is falling apart.
Cover Type: Manipulated
Anything Else: Mabuhay! (pilipina pride, hehe)

I’m not going to order but dang, your thread is aesthetic af. And I’m loving your covers. Great job, kababayan <3


Salamat ng marami! I will get on to it right away.

thank you so much! <3 T_T

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Title: Simple Days
Author: Amanda Moran
Genre: SciFi
Brief Description: Emily Demott was born before the Great End, the war that made the world stand still. Her parents nearly escaped the consequences of the doomsday bombs hiding away in remote areas of the inner east coast. As the world works to rebuild from the rubble strange communities have begun to form. Rumors spread of a Safe Haven, a location for children to find refuge, but is there something more sinister going on? After Emily’s brother goes missing, she works to do everything in her power to get him back, even if that means venturing into the great unknown and leaving the rest of her family behind.
Ideas if any: Well, I am letting this mainly be a dealers choice. The story follows a sibling duo so like no one kissing or lusting necessarily? That could be awkward.
Cover Type: Manipulated or simple?? I don’t know do what you want, have fun!
Anything Else: Mabuhay


Here’s what I came up with @peaachiiee . I’m not sure how it’s supposed to be but I hope you like it. Confirm your payment through a follow ^^ and if you will be using the cover, please mention me as credit in your story. :smiley:


Title: The Great Game
Author: Sam Murphy
Cover type: Manipulated
Subtitle: This was their first stepping stone to make them the soldiers they would become
Genre: Mystery/action/adventure
Description: A group consisting of three college-aged young adults and a professor are forced into the world of the military to track down a ghost of a man.

Richard Brooks is a man who claims to have a few lines of complex computer code that can hack even the best cybersecurity in the world. He plans to sell it to the highest bidder.

Will the small unit of untrained barely qualified soldiers be able to find him in time? Will they be able to survive the great game of war?

Picture/inspo: 51-zrXWKeRL


Ideas: For the font, I wanted it like the font for ‘The Lost Patrol’. The color scheme is what I had in mind so if you could get it as close to that it would be great. The picture instead of one soldier, I was thinking four soldiers (one college-aged girl, two college-aged boys, and an older man in his 60s). The soldiers should be in full uniform and have rifles, like in the picture for ‘The Lost Patrol.’ I also wanted it to look kind of beaten up and tattered. For it to look like blood and dirt to be smeared onto it.
Anything else: Mabuhay


I would really appreciate that you use my form next time. I did mention to use my format in the rules.
As for the request, I don’t think I could handle a job order too particular in what the cover should look like. I use royalty free stock photos only and I’ve tried searching for exactly the appearances of the soldiers you want on the cover. I’m sorry but I’ll have to deny it.
Thank you for ordering anyway. Have a great day :slight_smile:

Before I could accept, I just need to ask about the setting of this story to get more ideas on the cover I’d like to come up with for you. Is this futuristic sci-fi? Perhaps modern day tech era? or… anything else in particular?


im taking orders!


im taking orders!


Title: Heaven vs. Hell
Author: h2hoeee
Subtitle: none
Genre: teen fiction
Brief Description: a girl named heaven is struggling in life, trying to make a name for herself in a world that feels a lot like hell
Ideas if any: a cute aesthetic picture of the sky, with some contrast of light and dark idk
Cover Type: minimal
Anything Else: Mabuhay!


Thank you for your order! I will get on to it right away.

character :smile_cat: :
female lead:Kim Saeron
male lead:Jeon Jungkook :wink:

and I trust you ateng hehhehhehe ikaw na bahala sa cover just make it with a touch of humor lol