Tips and Tricks for Dyslexic Writers from Dyslexic Writers

I’m a dyslexic writer and words are a struggle. Clarity is a struggle because I’ve adapted to a dyslexic lifestyle and how I think about things is in a different order than the way English orders the list. In a sense, it’s like writing as an ESL writer even though all I speak is technically English. I started thinking about this and I thought that people might have tips for other dyslexic writers from dyslexic writers to help them out.

Put them below and let’s discuss?

Tip: Get a solid chrome text to voice addon. It’s free easy they have natural voices and it will change your writing life.

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Heyo, also an Uber dyslexic writer here but I’ve been a reasonably successful playwright my entire adult life.

My hot tip would be to know when to lean into it and when to discipline yourself. My brain skips steps and hops around all over the place, which is great for creativity but I am disciplined and force myself to plan because I know I’ll get bored if I only write the first parts of the story that come to mind.

With the actual words though, I allow myself a fair bit of leeway on the first draft. I used to get so frustrated that I would still use incorrect homophones when writing but I’ve changed my attitude so I don’t care anymore. I’ll probably catch it in editing anyway. If I fuss too much about it while writing I get frustrated and don’t finish.


I’m not officially Dyslexic because school wouldn’t look into it probably cause mind isn’t majorly bad and it is expensive test.

But I use Grammarly (free version) and I try to avoid writing on my tablet or phone as word prediction makes a mess of things.

I’ve heard Dragon is meant to be quote good but I can’t remember exactly what it is meant to do again :sweat_smile:

Good point you can’t edit nothing

dragon is for dictation. Yes, diction software is worth it sometimes. When I want to get an idea out there fast.

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Arrgh. I thought I fixed all the mistakes before I posted.

I keep getting told to try it but well I’m not always happy talking about my writing. Writing might be a nightmare at times but at least I can do that more or less anywhere.

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lol it’s a beautiful nightmare bit like a dragon

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Mildly dyslexic here. I say mildly because I don’t have all of the classic issues others have so I have a hard time believing them when they say I’m dyslexic lol

But whenever possible, try different fonts is my tip. I found that I have the most issues with serif fonts but san serif is usually smooth going. I still drop words and swap like theres no tomorrow, not to mention the dancing ants around the letters, but writing in calibre has helped me a lot.

And above all don’t get discouraged.

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That’s really true. I find that trying different fonts is the best way to go. :slight_smile: They have a font made for dyslexic people.

I can’t seem to keep myself focused long enough to write a decent chapter.


Remember your not writing chapters your writing a bunch of chapters that make a book. Not all chapters are going to be great sometimes. You can always edit them into something greater.