Tis Goddess Tia's Thread o.o



I don’t have candies, but you can have c;

and I mean that not in a sexual way o.o’


Say Hi to some of my friends who wants to be mentioned for whatever reason v~v
@SockMonster1 @XSugarCookie_GirlX @BIoomedWiIted @FinickyProse @BlueNeptune @JJJ000YYY @edoggypaws @RuggedEdge @zeero @CataclysmXx @TheTrueTerrydactyl

(i try to make coding prettier later o.o i guess)

Tea Sipper's Society

If Randomness is a felony, then I plead guilty

BAGAEOQ: Forget The Number and Lost The Link to The One on The Old Clubs (will edit the number later)

I like the alliteration


Yay! Tis live.




Subs uwu


melon is smart o.o


Very xD




-drops b-side track-


oh wow, new threadyy


be proud joyu o.o sister can go into Harvard o.o


yesh <3 i tagged my pair<3


o.o harvard not good enough for sister, she gonna make her own ivy league school


@edoggypaws is my other half v.v


I’m so obliged :bluehearts:


oooohh :open_mouth: i go into magic school instead o.o


ofc ofc o~o

but likeeee i see youre getting the obsession c; staking my mb now? hmmmmm c;


yes o.o


-drops defying gravity (kor. ver)-