Title+Character Name+Chapter Title help

To entice readers, one must have something to hook them with. Names and titles often do the trick, so I would love to help come up with character names, chapter titles, or book titles for your story!

Payment: a follow and a comment on any of my stories. It doesn’t have to be detailed or insightful, anything will suffice.

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This is awesome, thank you! I need some help with the title of my fantasy story I’m currently writing. I have a title already, but it’s not exactly riveting. So, opinions and new ideas would be much appreciated!

Glad to help! Can I get a blurb or summary of your book to get the overall feel of your story?

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Sure, here’s the blurb –

"A tale of adventure, love, finding your identity and the exquisite world of fantasy.

A child with high ambitions heads for the infamous Fortress, a training academy for young recruits, north of Edel’s small, simple Viking Village. Dreams of becoming a famous Warrior and Saviour bring the child, dressed as a boy.

There she meets a red-headed boy her age, and a world so different from her own.

Captured, and only just beginning to understand who she is, and her powers, and if such a thing exists, her fate, twisted into the very threads of the universe, Edel must fight or die.

Other Notes –
Edel is related to the ancient race of the Nordic World called Álfrs – the term used for elves both dark and light.
The story follows her finding her heritage and powers, all the while trying to stay alive in a world where magical powers are extremely rare and are hunted after by every nation.
The story is based off old Nordic tales, so they believe in Thor and Odin and there are Nine Worlds.
Edel does not know she has powers, or of her heritage until she is captured at The Fortress by the nation of Sigdan’s Society of Magical Hunters, specializing in finding and stealing those with magical powers for their army.

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I have a few in mind that resonate with the summary you gave me
~The Crystal in the Dust
Edel’s full potential is the crystal that’s hidden in the dust
~Of Blades and Arrows
Vikings used swords and arrows as weapons, so I figured I could weave that into a title since Edel is going to a training academy

Please let me know if you use either of these :blush:

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Thanks for your suggestions! If I do decide to use them, I’ll give you credit. (And let you know)! Though for now, I’ll probs write more of the book! I’ll give you your payment now c:

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do you mind linking your wattpad profile so I can follow you?

it’s @renessaleone and no problem! good luck with your story

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I need help figuring out a new title for my book im in the process of writing.
Current title: The Darkness I Seek
Genre: sci fi/fantasy
Summary: Elara Draven is different compared to everyone in Aenutha. However, Elara never knew how different she was until the nightmares began, nightmares that showed her what was coming. At first she didn’t believe them, but when a disastrous storm sweeps across Aenutha and the one thing she holds dear is taken, Elara realizes what she must do.
Secrets are broken, who she is, is discovered and Elara is left with a choice that could either save or doom everyone she loves…

I need help coming up with a character name.

Info on the character:

15 years old
She is a Norwegian and Dutch mermaid. Her tail is pastel pink with light grey side fins. She also wears a green bikini top, sometimes a pastel purple one. She has blondish brownish hair, olive almost light brown eyes, and light skin.

I kinda want her name to be fitting to her culture aka Norwegian or Dutch but I also want it to be mermaidy and unique.