Title for my wip.

Hello everyone!

I need a new title for my book because the old one is overused. I recently found a whole bunch of other books with the same title. Sucks.

Current title: Not Yet Found
Here’s the pitch:

When an anxiety-ridden aspiring writer gets paired up with an aspiring poet and certified depression hider on a school project, they would have to work together not only to write a good book but to save themselves from past demons.

And the options:

  • Cakes and Coffees
  • Flowers and Noodles
  • Fetid Flowers
  • The different ways of finding her/you

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Hello! :smile:

I’ve edited your comment as asking people read your story, and/or providing a link, is considered self-advertising and is against Club Guidelines

If you would like feed back on your story, feel free to have a look in the Story Services club :smile:

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Thank you for understanding!

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Okay, thanks.

flowers and noodles seemed the most intriguing bc they’re completely two different things.


Aww, thank you!:cupid: