• Title Game •

Give the title of your story and everyone will guess what it’s about!


  • You must guess the title above you or yours won’t be guessed.
  • Try to give as much depth in your answer as possible. You wouldn’t like a one line reply so neither would the person above.
  • The title doesn’t have to exist but it has to be one that you came up with. No stealing people’s titles!
  • No hate, disrespect or anything similar.
  • Be friendly and have fun! :slightly_smiling_face:

First person doesn’t have to guess anything… Start!

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Justice Eternal

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I can’t imagine the genre not being action. Gives me Avengers vibes so could be fanfiction? Justice is what superheroes work for. Eternal… Immortality? Or an action book where they try to achieve eternal justice, everyone judged equally and fairly. Or one specific character judges everyone equally and fairly :thinking:

My title:

This probably won’t even be remotely close, but when I think recreational I think parks. So I’m seeing like a fun romcom through a park. Like school just let out and our would be lovers meet at a park and find love on the teeter totter (if parks even have teeter totters anymore :laughing:)

My Title: Draygon Inferno

fun fact: when i googled it recreational was a term used for drugs. Idk why I’ve kept it nonetheless.

Inferno means hell, and assuming Draygon is a name and not ‘dragon’ :rofl: I think the character is going through hell. But I don’t think of horror when I look at the title. Maybe because of the name ‘Draygon’. Sounds like a name in the fantasy genre. Idk.

My title: Rue

LOL Recreational Drugs was my other thought too but I decided to go with the romcom instead of the stoner tripping on Weed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: You’re fairly close. Draygon is a species in my book and it is fantasy :smiley:

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Rue to me means hate… All I get is flashbacks from ICarly, “YOU’LL RUE THIS DAY CARLY SHAY.”

So maybe your book is a love/hate romance about a girl/boy who hates someone else? Like I can imagine it easily being something like. Or Maybe it’s like a hunger games fanfiction about rue’s death, or like about the characters life before Rue’s death. It could also be an action book about a girl who has named herself rue because she wants everyone to hate her, and she’s evil and… that would be great. Tell me if I’m close with any of these xD

My Title: The Facility

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Rue means regret :joy: I didn’t know they said it in iCarly, oh God I had forgotten iCarly exists xD

Thin Walls

The Facility sounds like maybe a post apocalyptic book…or a medical thing gone wrong.

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I get like a love thing from this, so maybe like there’s a character who is abused or something, and the person gets closer and closer her brain wants to hate?

Holding Wishes

Hm… holding wishes as in holding them back? Withdrawing their hopes and dreams because they may be judged? Or they’re not allowed to express them? could be an lgbt book


Someone went swimming in the ocean and got sucked under or metaphorically speaking.

Masquerading the Key

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Not quite…but it’s kind of hard to see in context without the blurb.


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To masquerade a key, it means the key is really important. Or perhaps this “key” is covered between many others to confuse. Since masquerade is a party with masks, I think this key is a person, hidden beneath a mask to not be recognized.

Affectionately, Unrestrainedly

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I mean… It’s not right? but you aren’t wrong xD It’s about a girl who is being experimented on but she doesn’t know it.

Sounds like a romance book but my mind also jumps to a very stalkerish vibe, like someone loves someone so affectionately that they go crazy and start to think they are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love them back…

The Fire Five


Alright, my mind just kind of goes to post apocalyptic. I feel like titles are hard to judge without covers or blurbs.

In every Kingdom there are five keepers of each element/power. The fire five are known for being the most unpredictable and crazy keepers of them all. When one of the fire keepers suddenly dies or goes missing, the MC is asked to take the new open role. Of course they accept the offer as it has been their childhood dream to be one, but when they get to work they realise it isn’t the life they expected.

Kingdom Of Ash

Hm… A kingdom that’s falling apart? Turning to ash? Or a kingdom that was falling apart and is now rising again like a phoenix? :thinking: And they have to pick up the pieces that are now burnt/destroyed. I think it’s on the king/queen’s point of view too. Unless the protagonist is a fighter, in the sense of trying to get the kingdom back together or aiming to turn it to ash.


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