Title help (again)

So I have this story I want to put up. Its an easy going romance 10 chapters long about two teenagers who sneak out to have the best night of their life. They do things like watching the days change, they have silly little jokes “Happy NEW DAY!”, they raid a store for candy, they almost get caught but manage to escape again. The main conflict is basically this girl, Charlie, isn’t allowed to go out and do anything so her boyfriend sneaks her away for a night to have the best night ever but they have to get her back without getting caught. So there’s always that worry hanging over their heads.

This song is playing in my head as I write

I don’t really have any solid ideas rn for a title so I’m just looking for some basic ideas :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I don’t know how important the ‘Happy new day’ joke is, if it is just a side thing or one of the key moments, but you can definitely do something with that.