Title Help please!


Hey! I’ve been working on a story for four years (yes I know, f o u r y e a r s) and I now realized that I absolutely despise the name. I called it Bakery Boy back before I privated it.

It’s about these two fifteen year old kids who fall in love, super chill, super cute and hella short. I just need an adorable title. It’s in the third person, and alternates POV’s in the sense that sometimes it’ll be a third person favouring the boy or the girl. (Charlie and Thalia).

I’d like it if it were no more than four words, or just one short word, something I can make a nice cover for preferably.

Thank you to anyone who chooses to help <3


Can you tell us a little more about the characters/setting? What was it called Bakery Boy before–does a bakery play an important role in the story? Maybe “Something Sweet” since the story is short and sweet and maybe has to do with a bakery?


I think I called it that because they met in a bakery. There’s really not much to it honestly, just about these two teens who meet at the bakery and then keep coming back in hopes of seeing each other again.


is there a line between them? Like you know in The Fault in Our Stars the ‘Okay? Okay’


I saw Something Sweet as an idea before me, and I really like that one!

Boys and Bakeries
Charlie and Thalia (how hard does it have to be, really)
Meet Me At The Bakery (oops, those are five words)
[time] At The Bakery (because you said they meet again and again at the same bakery, so there must be a time so they know for sure they’ll see each other)

But Bakery Boy isn’t bad either, really! Hopefully all these ideas inspire you to come up with something yourself, if there isn’t an option in here for you. good luck with your writing!