Title help please!



Hi wattpaders. I am working on a new story but I can’t seem to find a title that could fit.

Here is the summary/blurb:

The black in the room was not a color, it was nothing, a void. No one was here, it was almost like a punishment of some sort. Being all alone in that strange scary place. After what seems like a few minutes I could hear voices but could understand what they were saying. They were pretty close to my ear as if someone was whispering in it. Though I couldn’t see anyone. I tried to reach out and grab whoever was there, but my body felt heavy and I couldn’t move anything.

Lexa Grey has been in a Persistent Vegetative State for almost ten years. Doctors didn’t have a lot of hope for her to wake up, but her parents never gave up on her. When she wakes up on the same day of her accident, except nine years later everyone is shocked.

Besides trying to figure out what made her wake up, how to walk again, she also has to learn all that new technology that didn’t exist when she was ‘alive’. But, most of all she has to deal with the death of people close to her.

With the help of her Physiatrist Josh, who played a part in the accident, Lexa will need to figure out how to live her new messed up life and maybe fall in love along the way.

If anyone could give me a small review of the blurb too it would be really appreciated. I don’t know if it’s original enough or if too many things have already been done with that subject! Thanks!

I’m not sharing/advertising any story because it hasn’t been posting yet :wink:


What about:

  • At The End of the Tunnel (referring to the moment she woke up and she could finally see light after years in darkness, the light at the end of the tunnel)
  • A Whole New World (I have the Disney song in my head, so I’m not sure if this is even an option)
  • All The Things Wrong With The World (because there are so many changes and changes are often wrong, like the death of people around her and her physiatrist being involved in the accident)
  • Returning (says it all, really; sometimes it shouldn’t be too complicated)
  • A Second Chance (because she gets a ‘second chance’ at life)
  • Breathing Again (because she’s living again, often associated with breathing, but Living Again doesn’t sound as cool)

I don’t know if you like any of these, but I hope they at least inspire you! I think the key words to work with are light/darkness, world, life, return.
What also could help is just start writing (or you have already), pick out a key scene and see if there’s anything there that you could use, an odd combination of words. Because you’ve picked it out of a key scene, it probably will relate to the story and be qualified as a title.
Or let it come to you as you write!
Or wait for other people to comment any ideas…

You didn’t post a link that would make it advertising/sharing, so you’re okay :wink:


I absolutely love all of these! I didn’t know which way to go but I feel like you’ve inspired me a lot! thanks :slight_smile:


Happy to help! It’s a really interesting story idea, so I hope you go through with it :slight_smile:


Thanks!! I will definitely try to go through with it as soon as possible even tho I have school and another story in the work!


How about ‘The Void?’


  • Nine Years in Total Darkness

  • Learning To Walk Again (lyrics to the song ‘Walk’ by Foo Fighters :ok_hand:)

  • Awoken

  • Everything Changes

  • Lexa’s Path of Self-discovery

  • Lexa’s New, Messed up Life

  • Living as Lexa

Sorry, these are terrible but your genre of writing is entirely different from what I do but hopefully it can inspire you a little? I would suggest to find a title you remind yourself of what the focus/concept/idea of the story is. So… Coma. Living. Surviving. Learning how to live all over again, etc… Basically as the last person said :slight_smile: Maybe just remind yourself of the genre too and hopefully you’ll find something that sticks. I like to think about movie titles too. I think, “Would this title be something that I would find interesting if I saw it on Netflix”?


grey places?
coma girl and the excitement gang? would be a joe strummer reference (lead singer of the clash)
the first bit of the summary is in first person, then you switch to third?
i’m also curious what genre your story is going to be, paranormal? a drama?


breath again? like she gets a chance to be alive again.


I think words associated with the idea of waking up would be good too for example:

  • Revive / Revived
  • Awake / Awakened

I would also suggest searching the names you decide on to make sure there aren’t hundreds of books with the same title.


I’m also having a hard time coming up with a title for a story I’ve been working on so I feel your pain! Here’s a few I came up with while reading the blurb (also I love this blurb and would def be into reading this story once you post it!):

• The Void (idk who put that earlier but I really like it)

• Begin Again (because her life is basically starting all over)

• Into the Light (referring to her waking up)

• Something New (because her life is starting anew)

•Learning to Live (again, because she’s starting her life over and has to learn how to live again)

I hope these helped or inspired you my fellow title struggling author!


I’m all for the Revive/Revived and Awake/Awakened title ideas above from @aglowingnotion ^^

To expand, Wake in Darkness, or In the Wake of Darkness, etc, could work as well.


Waking Void

When I Awake

For Every Year We Missed

For Every Year I Missed

Tell Me That I Am Dreaming

Wake Me Up

When Dreams End

New Mourning

Yeah, that’s all I got. Hope you find something soon!


Thank you every one I’ll definitely take everything in consideration! There are lot of good ones!


If you want you can follow me on wattpad and you’ll see when it will be posted :slight_smile:


First off, this sounds awesome. Here’s my ideas:

*A Decade Ago

*Worlds Apart

I’m not the best title-suggester. But I tried.