Title help? [poll]


Hey guys! I recently finished a book I’ve been working on for five years took me long enough but my original title doesn’t quite fit anymore. It’s the first book in a series so the title has to be something I can use as a pattern. Below is the blurb and the title options:

In a society where everything is controlled, there is no room for deviance. Each morning, the citizens of Arabel put on bracelets that send commands to their brains and give them electric shocks if they fail to obey. Smile, Citizen. Be silent, Citizen. Do not harm yourself, Citizen.

Kyra Jackson was a perfect citizen. Loyal, hardworking and smart; how everyone was supposed to be. When Kyra’s future is decided, she changes from the controlled to the controller. However, this power puts her in a dangerous position, leading her to make decisions that are not only about right and wrong, but life or death.

  • I Control You, Citizen (original title)
  • The Control Series: Citizen
  • The Control Series: Arabel
  • Other

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The word ‘Citizen’ is very common in my book, so it shows her place in society. The title of the next book (where she goes to the outside world) would be ‘outsider’ (another common world in my book) to show she’s the odd one out now.

‘Arabel’ is the name of the city she’s lived in her entire life and believes is the only civilisation left - at first. Each book would be named after the different places she goes to in the world if I chose ‘Arabel’ for the title.

Any help would be much appreciated!!


I actually really like the original title because everyone is being controlled. I see it as more fitting in my opinion.


Thank you for the feedback! I really like that title too but I’m not 100% sure it fits anymore. :disappointed_relieved:


I suggest this one,

Then you put this below the title: