Title help

I already wrote a topic about this somewhere else, but it seems I put it in the wrong community (The Cafe. I probably shouldn’t have put it there.) so I’m going to put it here, hoping for more input. This is the story:
The story is a romance story about a guy who finds a bull during a camping trip. (The name is Haruko). The bull saves Haruko, and he find out this bull is a cursed human (just hear me out.) Haruko changes back this bull into a partial human bull thing. This person has bull horns, ears, and tail. Face, arms, body, legs, hands, feet are human. This person is Scott. Haruko falls in love with Scott, and Scott has a tsundere attitude. Then there’s this social media account that posts pictures of Scott with mean comments. Scott falls in love with Haruko, but then they break up after Scott finds the account. They do get back together, but there’s a lot of information in between.

You’re asking for a title, right?


Sorry for the late response, I feel asleep. Do you have any more information on the setting? Haruko sounds like a Japanese name, but I wouldn’t wanna assume that the story takes place in Japan.

Are there any other important details?

If it’s light hearted, I’d probably make the title a joke about Matadors or something.

I generally pick a word or phrase that summarises what the story is about or a place or object that’s important to the story.


Girl sees premonitions of death when she touches other people - Touch

Bounty hunter from an in called the Crossroads makes a lot of decisions that affect the fate of the world - Crossroads

Girl trapped in an MMO-like world remembers her dying in the real world while respawning but chooses to pretend it’s a dream - Just a Dream

If you could summarise the plot in one sentence, what would it be?

It takes place in America, but it’s not really a lighthearted story. There’s some gore, cursing, and one suicide (I already have the story written in a notebook). When I say:

The information is that Scott punches Haruko, and runs away. Haruko tries to find him, and Haruko finds an email sent to Scott that has an address on it. Haruko goes to that place and gets injured there. Haruko thinks he will never be able to find Scott, but then he gets sent an email with a different address on it. He thinks that his old boyfriend Anon did all of this, but Haruko goes to that place and finds out that his friend, Dylan, was jealous because Scott moved in with Haruko even though he was supposed to (basically broken promises) Dylan is now insane and kidnapped Scott, who was brainwashed into thinking that Haruko is a terrible person. Scott attacks Haruko, but then (after a dramatic scene) recognizes that he was brainwashed. Dylan holds out a gun and shoots one bullet, Anon sacrificing himself and jumping in front of the bullet. Dylan then shoots himself, and Scott and Haruko get back together.