Title Help

So, I’m writing a superhero type book and I need a title


  1. The University Name is Lee-Fall College

  2. I have a bad summary, but it does give you an idea of the book:

In this country, superpowers are part of the normal life. They range from minor, like Hyper breath to major, such as 360 vision. All however are fully integrated into a person’s lifestyle.

Known as the power duo, Jess and Max have been friends since childhood and they are complete opposites, both in powers and personalities. As an introvert, Jess struggles with the responsibility of having one of the most major powers known. Max is on the other end of the spectrum, an extrovert with a pretty minor power.

When a villain threatens to tear apart everything they know, they are the ones everyone expects to step in. However, despite the fact that there is a common foe, two must also deal with a growing resetment for each other. And so, when the world needs help from a hero, they must ask:

What really makes a hero?

My working title is The Definition of a Hero.

Just ask if you need anything else.

It’s called a school motto I believe.

I think you could get away with naming it just about anything.

With the name of the university, have you thought about brainstorming the things that happen in your book? Sometimes names can be created based on what happens, or even from a historic point of view. There’s loads of options, but narrowing them down can help a lot :slight_smile:

As for the title, brainstorming things that relate to the plot, book in general, superheroes etc, would be a huge advantage and condense the ideas down. It’s always good to write down lots of different words associated with what your book is, then break them down into choices you think will best suit the story :slight_smile:

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^^^^ I agree with @JMills There are way too many options right now and we need to narrow this down a little bit. Also do you like long titles or short titles?

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Gosh, less than five word titles. I’ll plot some stuff out and get back to you with more details.

Thank you :slight_smile: can’t wait to help you

Hey, so I updated the post to put in a summary of the book, if that helps.

Hey, if you’re still looking for title help, have you thought about the themes your story contains? Sometimes you can make titles that have double meanings, and integrating the theme into it is one way of doing that. Of course, there’s still a range to how those titles work, but it’s an idea.