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So, I have a project I’ve been calling Alastair. It not having a proper title is driving me crazy. It’s about a Key Keeper who goes to Minicha to help the world.I get the sense the story ties to restraint/liberation. feel free to ask more questions.

You could use something about liberation. Since you said the story ties to that, what are some major plot points in your story, or major events that could be a good title?

the MC went to save the world, but it was shackling. The people didn’t like him when he arrived, so that was traumatic. His crappy Protector finally shows up like 2 weeks later, so he gets a house and the like and a companion. He has issues with wanting to go home but can’t. All the while, he has to beat bad guys who want to take away his powers. The big bad the Liberator wants to liberate the world from KKs. The companion dies.

You could always do something as simple as “The Liberator” That’s a really good title. :slight_smile:

Is it? Not to generic?

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It’s something I would read. Those are the kind of titles that draw me in, but if it doesn’t work for you or you don’t love it, we can keep brainstorming.

The titles of my books are all very simple like that
Aqua Waters
Cake toppers
Erin’s Mistakes
Bootleg Siblings
Giraffe Girl
High Class

Just to name a few example of mine.

My favorites of mine:

The Princess Key
The Ruler’s Key
Masquerading the Key
Unlocking the Void
Key to Nature’s Survival

Tanner’s Guardian

You could do something like Liberating a Nation (Seems like you have a three word theme)

doesn’t really fit… Minicha is a world.

Easy change you could always put World Of Liberation.
I’m not sure. I don’t know if I have enough info to really go off of thus far haha without just suggesting a bunch of liberation themed titles.

have other questions?

How would you describe your book in three words. Three key words that would explain your book.

Key Liberation Internal suffering

Key Of Internal Suffering?


Wow… I had no idea who connected the Liberation concept was

What do you mean haha?

What exactly is wrong with the title you have right now? It’s unique, I’ve never seen it before. It’s simple. It’s catching

Alastair suffers a lot, but will be freed, and that being the big bad’s thing.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Alastair is unique?

I mean, I’ve never heard it before but I don’t watch anime. I have no clue what it is.