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The title for my current WIP is The Parable of Isma. It’s about a prince who must find a way to defeat the sorceress who placed a curse on him before she destroys his family and the whole sultanate in the process. It’s high fantasy set in a Middle Eastern/South Asian kind of world.

The thing is, I’m torn between two titles now. The Parable of Isma, though a mouthful, is the first title I thought of and it ties in with the story’s opening scene, where a young man is telling a little girl about Isma’s deeds. I’ve come up with a new title, Lazari,which means lion in their language and is Isma’s pet name given to him by his deceased mother. It ties in with a lot of other things: courage, self-discovery, the works. PLUS Lazari would look pretty cool on a cover with a lion on it. XD

Help a fellow writer out? :wink: Opinions on both titles are welcome!

  • The Parable of Isma
  • Lazari

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“Parable” makes the story sound like a fable to me.


Yep. I was aiming for that feel initially, since it’s meant to be narrated to another person in the present time, but now I’m not too sure. The MC’s personality has changed drastically since I first came up with him, too.


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The parable of Isma sounds like a fairytale, I feel like it isn’t your intention to write a fairytale.

Lazari captures the interest. I’d click on it if I see a book like that, only because I’d like to know what it would be about.


Thank you!


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