Hi everyone! In this thread you can post the name of the book and the person below will rate it out of ten. Be sure to rate the one above before posting your own!


The Dragon King’s Queen


I thnk King is a bit overdoing it in there. I would say The Dragon Queen has a nicer ring! Just cut out that one word and the title is more coherant and put together :smiley:

With the change I’d give it a 8/10, simple but intriging

The Wristwatch Magician

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That’s a good title! Feels more comedic and casual than if you’d used “watch” or “clock” instead of “wristwatch”. I would try it out.

9/10 I’m feeling good today.


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7/10 I feel, since it’s a single word in the dictionary, it’s perhaps quite popular with many books having the same title. Perhaps something that tells a bit more about the story? I do really like the word though XD

Curos 27

I want a one-word title but it’s hard to find a word that’s rare and fits. It may not be the final choice anyway.

Who do I reply to? :rofl: I’m just going to go with MysticFate’s title, which is 8/10 for me. It’s original and sounds like it’s either horror or science fiction.

The Two Foxes

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@Amyuqi Ahhh, that’s fair enough. I think for now it’s good then! (:

@AuthorishNicole It actually is a fantasy story haha XD But I have been worrying that people might think it’s science fiction because that’s normally where numbers (in titles) come from… I don’t know whether that’s good or bad, but it is tagged right. But it does make sense in the fantasy book haha X;

I thought it was either horror or science fiction because Curos looks/sounds harsh and then “27” makes me think of science fiction because maybe the number is an experiment’s name or the ship is called Curos 27.

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Oh dear XD That’s like the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

It’s about (a) disciple(s) of Cupid (Cupid + Eros combined = Curos) and then there are multiple of these minions, hence the numbers hahaha. It’s actually a fantasy romance :’) Oh man~ I guess/hope the cover would make the clearer though… XD Thank you for taking the time to give me your view on it though! :smiley:

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Ohh, how interesting! I like it :smile:

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Aww, thank you! :’)

Also, just a tip: I’d suggest posting your title again, just because some people don’t bother scrolling up to find the last thing that they should have to judge XD I’ve witnessed it a lot lately.

My title for my 2nd WIP is :joy::

The Two Foxes

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I like it, because foxes are cool and it has a nice sound to it, like something you’d name an inn, but it feels incredibly vague without a cover or summary.

Nothing hints at whether the story about actual foxes, or mythical foxes, or is it the nickname of two humans characters, or something else? Perhaps it is just about two foxes, then it works, but I wouldn’t pick that up expecting a story about a pair of spies or something. Perhaps in a case like that I’d consider “The Two Foxes of Gondor” or something.

The Soul Forger

I really like your title. I’m getting mystery and mythology vibes from it, though I’m not entirely sure if that has anything to do with your story. I’m thinking 8 out of 10 for the rating.

Enchanting the Kingdom

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It reminds me of Disney, maybe it’s a bit too immature ? (thats nOT being rude I just don’t think of a serious book being titled that) 6/10

New York’s Damaged

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Yeah. Eventually it will be changed into something that befits more of the plot and story.

I like the title a lot especially if the story is supposed to be a contemporary or comedic fantasy, sci-fi, etc. Although if you want your story to have a more serious tone and it is not a contemporary I would go for something a little more subtle. Overall I’ll give it a 7/10.

Incandescent: First of the Affinities

“Painting in Braille”

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Painting in Braille makes me think it might be general fiction…knowing this is a fantasy novel… my interest is peeked that I would flip the cover over. 8/10.

“After the Bees”

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