Hey guys!

So, I noticed there is a #TKBMovieContest up! Who has watched the movie on Netflix? ME! (I remember reading it on wattpad when I was 13 oh my lord I am old now).

So, who has entered the competition? I myself have!


Nah I tend to take contests to literally:

Its open Mic night. Where’s the scalpel?


hahahah well, this one seems pretty easy! It’s a romance one so I mean Idk how you can get too literal with that one :thinking::thinking:


Ah I’ll mary my VR cardboard then. I heard there’s a cool guillotine game.

I’e heard it’s cut throat.


Hey I mean, romance is romance. People make love to their cars and go on TV about it… I’m sure you can marry you’re VR cardboard :rofl::rofl:


That sounds very 2005. In 1990 we fought pepsi and cola; in 2007 we married their bottles.


I’d enter the contest but I don’t know anything about romance.



It actually is very 2005. What has the world come to.



Wtfudge? :joy: Who eats a car seat when it’s big? But I feel bad for those people but I always wonder how they’re not sick yet. I mean vaseline, detergent, some other stuff I never watched.

Main topic, yes and I demand a sequel! But no, not entering. I’m on hiatus and already got the book right after she published in stores.


I’ve been meaning to the see movie, but I haven’t yet because my sister wants to watch it, too, but she’s like never in the mood. I’ve been thinking of just watching it without her. xD

I also have never read the book (didn’t know anything about it until my sister told me it was a Wattpad story). So I’m hoping to read it some time. :smiley:

But despite all this, I’ve entered the contest. xD It’s not something that is “normal” as it’s about a guy who finally realizes he loves his Gothic friend and gains the courage to ask her out. Haha.


Ah finally someone who has entered as well! Mine isn’t ‘normal’ either since it’s about a girl stalking a guy lol

I can’t believe you didn’t know! I still remember reading it when I was little and it had just come out, it wasn’t very good at the time but the story was nice! She’s improved it a lot from the good ol’ days



Hahaha, that actually reminds me of something my sister told me to write about for the challenge. When I was in my “thinking stage” for the short story, she told me to write about a girl who fell mad over heels over this guy who did something nice to her (because she was having a bad day) and once he did this thing, she went all crazy and started stalking him and being overly jealous if a girl came up to him, and was just super psycho. She told me that in the end, the character would’ve killed teachers and classmates that got in the way of their love. :rofl:

And I was like, “I think this is supposed to be a love story, not a love story gone wrong.” xD

But it’s a good story, nonetheless. Haha

There’s a lot of stories I’ve recently found that I never knew about - that are either popular or have been published. What’s funny is that I have gone to the bookstore and see stories that say “A.K.A Wattpad sensation…” and I’m like, “Wait… what? THIS WAS ON WATTPAD?” So it’s always a suprise to me. xD


This sounds pretty much like mine kinda… except the main guy was mean not nice, and then at the end they end up married hahaha He couldn’t escape her!

Yeah there’s some books I had no idea were from Wattpad, but I have been off it for a while so that’s to be expected! I remember the days when ‘My Life With The Walter Boys’ was first getting uploaded and I was reading it in bed at midnight on school nights :triumph:

Now… I am reading until 2am and still at school just this time it’s harder lol :rofl::rofl: