To Dream Again: An ARG Feedback Thread

Hey everyone!

An event went on in the clubs for many months. Then it wrapped up. Now it is a memory.

If you were to do it all over again, what might you change? What do you enjoy? What do you not? Where would you go from here? What sorts of things do you wish happened? What kind of spaces would you want explored?


Definitely some ground rules to be established and know what roles people are playing. Last time we were confused on if we were regular citizens or another theory was we were ghosts.


I agree with @JJJ000YYY Ground rules would be good, though we have learned a lot now. A lot of us this was the first time we were participating in something like this.


I would do two major things.

a) space out events to accommodate people in different timezones and those in school

b) set out a list of ground rules so that everyone is aware of how to properly behave

Though, that list of ground rules could also be player established if needed, too.

I enjoy having a few things happen each week to keep things moving at a reasonable pace.

I do not enjoy when things are happening way too fast and people are losing sleep over it.

I am not quite sure what this is asking.

I wish more things happened and there were ways for the players to affect the story happening.

Or maybe just more clues/puzzles that were harder to slow us down as we tried to solve them.

I guess morality is a fun one. Do the ends justify the means? Why or why not?


Oh, yeah the time zones is big. Though we did push for more clues, and quickly, so now we know? Better? Lol.


I second all of what you said here


We were clueless (pun intended) on what we were doing, but at least we know now, I guess?

Edit: Pacing was definitely a huge issue with the ARG. How fast is too fast? How slow is too slow?


True, lol. If we are around if/when the next one occurs. Otherwise, might wanna be slightly hinted at, for new people.


I’ll just answer a couple of those:

I think having a separate space for this would be best. We dont wanna flood the Cafe again with threads and whatnot. If Hackathon can have it’s own Space why not a space for special events?

What I would change is to especify some ground rules before trying again.

As for what I would like to explore again is more of a classic type fantasy. Since we went with horror, that’s a good jump there.


Also, how was Italy?


The winners of the game could hopefully have a different badge than everyone else’s, would be very nice. Since they won, they should have a special price.

A different genre of story.

There were more ways of the story ending and not just one big collective ending of everyone dying. That the characters of the story are real people that we can interact with(but that’s a bit unreasonable so yea) or at least NPC that can answer if you say the right word for the story to continue.
A subplot would be nice as well. Missions that we can do that would span for a week so we wouldn’t be bored.

I hope this affects the main site as well. It would be fun to look for books that can are included in the narrative.


I agree with the ground rules one. Of course @nick, I’d only expect general rules from you. I guess the players can establish agreed upon rules on how to deal with each other like @astrophile said.

I know you were disappointed in the safe word rule, but I think it’s a really good idea for stopping would-be fights.

As for what I enjoyed: the little unexpected twists and turns like Ambrose being arrested and Roch getting fired (and ultimately sacrificed to a worm monster).

What I’d want is more interaction with the NPCs. I know that some of our actions affected the plot, but most of the time it felt like screaming into a void (dat pun tho).


As others already mentioned, ground rules should be set, especially a rule against spamming so that it doesn’t get as confusing as last time. Other than that I feel that it was a bit experience with ARGs from our side that was missing but that unfortunately couldn’t be changed.
I would find it funny to have some relations to the real world so that some things need to be researched outside of the forums. That could help with bypassing periods of boredom for those who are on when nothing is happening and maybe help prevent spam out of boredom. Or more interaction with the NPCs? :woman_shrugging:
What things would be fun to happen?
The last story was quite funny I think and the characters were adorable (Roch :sob::sob:). I like everything as long as it lets space to develop crazy theories so maybe fantasy would be a great genre :joy:
I also would be hella excited if we get another character similar to Roch. Maybe someone who even interacts with us? Or am I dreaming here? :thinking::joy:


Maybe just make a section in the codex next time where we agree on general rules?


Welp, this will be a little repetitive because I agree with a lot of what was said.

As a few have already said, ground rules upfront. In that same vein, maybe some expectations (if I remember right, you had mentioned something about playing a character and getting more in character, the level with which we can influence the story line, keeping chatter amongst ourselves in a specified chat thread, etc.)

Again, echoing what was already said, moving a little bit slower. That was totally our fault for pushing, but now that we’ve learned from last time, moving slower and accommodating all timezones so that multiple events didn’t occur while someone is sleeping or at work/school.

The game idea as a whole, interacting with “characters”, the teamwork aspect. I really liked the mystery and not knowing what’s going to happen.

I did not enjoy the feeling that the same few people were running the show. Not that it’s their fault or yours, I think it was related to the time zone issue. The same people were the ones online when everything happened, so of course they were the ones forming theories first, interacting first, etc. I think this issue would be solved if we moved at a slower pace.

As for the rest of these, I don’t really know how to answer them. I’m open to anything. I do wish there was more opportunity for everyone (or a lot of people) to contribute and play a part, but I understand that with the amount of people participating, that’s basically impossible.


Yes, yes, yes, that sounds amazing.

And I can only agree with everyone that mentioned ground rules. And time zones. Of course, there’s no chance I can always be there when things happen, but the ARG lacked structure for me, which made it so much harder.

I really loved most of the NPC’s and the huge puzzle you made, and that it didn’t last longer than a month. Then, once it’s over, it’s still fun to remember, and it doesn’t go on for ages and ages.

What I wish had happened was maybe a bit more interaction with the NPC’s, though I guess we really got that with Ambrose and there were enough people talking as it is. It would have been great if we could get involved more in the story, as happened with choosing a mayor (that was fun, really).

And I think it’d be really, really cool to do something that includes things you can find outside of wattpad, like the Curio Shop story, just a bit more. It was really, really amazing, you know, and I met many, many cool people.


I enjoyed the way it involved the community, and how there was an opportunity for anyone to be involved who wanted to be. Additionally I really liked how some of the characters interacted with users, whereas others didn’t - it was interesting and exciting to see interactions and try and work out what was coming next. #Rochabel was also much appreciated by the shippers among us (including myself) :joy:

As mentioned by some of the others already, a separate section for the ARG could be an idea to keep the threads separate from general chat threads, and perhaps a pinned post just outlining what an ARG is, so that those exploring and playing understand more what’s going on and how to ‘play’ the ARG. This could also potentially make it easier for those who are interested but don’t join at the beginning to find out what the Game is about and how to join in.

Something in terms of the ARG itself I think would be pretty cool to see is some more character development - this was especially effective with Roch (so many mixed emotions and poor poor sacrificed Roch…), but with people like Rosenberg and Lemort it would have been cool to see some more of their character as well. Interactions between the two especially would’ve been awesome to witness (although I do recognise that they can’t be multiple ARG only accounts - perhaps in future more ‘real’ people could be involved, such as a few of the ambassadors?)

Overall I loved the ARG and it was pretty awesome and interactive. I appreciate the effort you put into this (many thank yous!!) and the idea of a future one is really exciting :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Sorry, this turned out longer than I thought it would :joy:


I would say make it a little easier for people to jump in if they hadn’t been playing since the beginning.


Here’s the game we were talking about, Edge @EdgemoonPR
And guys, check this out!
@JesskyaBradbury @thunderhipster @ManeetSurana who else is interested in this? Tag them, please :heart:


Limit the number of threads with the same topic concerning the game. I was having difficulty finding actual chat threads that were not participating in the game.