To Kill a God

I’m currently in the planning stages of a story which centers around a boy who wants to kill a God/Goddess. She’s the Goddess of Life, so I’m having some trouble working out how exactly to end the story. I can’t exactly kill off Life, can I?

Except, she’s the antagonist, and he has good reason for wanting her dead, so If I don’t kill her I’m worried the storyline might feel incomplete.

I’m thinking that he could lock her up somehow, which might solve both problems, but I don’t even know how that would work. Any suggestions could help.


Is there a magic system? Maybe super ancient and power weapon designed to seal gods?

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I haven’t really thought it up. The trapping her idea came to me as I was writing the post. Mainly, the magic system I’m working with is that there’s magic all over the place, and some people are just better at tapping into it than others. The gift could run in families or just come to someone naturally. There are also things called Gods-Banes, as weapons that can supposedly kill gods. They’re well guarded.

In the story my MC actually goes looking for one, and finds a kid who can talk to gods instead. The kid is technically a gods-bane, but he can do little in the way of hurting Life. His piower comes from having an extremely bright, powerful soul. Maybe he can help with trapping her, or they find another one of these artefacts somewhere else?

There are also other gods that they can interact with, and the possibility of stronger magic-users

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Humans should only be able to defeat gods with the power of a god at their side. A demigod, a weapon made by a god, or even other gods should do the trick. Well this is just my opinion. The reader is expecting the hero to win but it just gets boring if the hero can do it easily. An artifact powered by the kid with strong soul would be cool.

Drain her life using life itself?

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In my world it’s practically impossible to kill an immortal. On top of that Life is one of the two Primal Goddesses, meaning the single weakness that was created (celestial silver) will only hurt them slightly, not kill. Mortals can’t even touch celestial silver without instantly combusting. Can’t help you with the rules of my world, sadly.

in this world it’s supposed to be near impossible to kill Gods also, hence the fact that Gods-banes are few and the only one they’re in contract with can’t help them. If they killed Life, of course, there would be huge repercussions for the entire world. Thats why my thoughts are kind of on trapping her or finding some other way to deal with the issue.

In my world, an army of dark mages is trying to kill/capture one god. Just to put it in reference, that group of mages has thousands of members, they are over 13.000 years old and a large number of them are practically immortal. They used those 13.000 years to discover the limits of magic, with no worry for right or wrong. And yet, they still haven’t killed that one god they hate.

Their plan is to capture another goddess of the same strength, force her into a contract by binding her and other stuff so she has no way to back out and is bound by soul and everything else to do what they want. With that done, they’ll use her to aid them in a big battle against the first god. The god and goddess are both First Generation, but the god is no doubt more powerful as he rules over all magic – which is also why the mages want him.

Sounds like you have this a lot more figured out than I do.

Hah. That story never made it past chapter 11. They came nowhere near the end battle I had planned. I just liked to think about it.

Yeah. I’ve been trying to plan out this one for a while. The MC used to be a supporting character for a different fantasy book I was working on, but when that one fell through I decided I liked him too much not to find something else to do with him

Ah, I see.

Yeah, I might rewrite the story or with other characters. I particularly like the son of said hated god, who was kidnapped at 4 and tortured until he was the right age to be shaped into a mage. His story is quite interesting, if I do say so myself.

There’s usually a condition that comes with killing a god/goddess. If you kill them then either you have to take their place or you need to have someone else more fitted to it.

So you have a goddess of life, do you have one that represents order/balance because they’d be a good way out of this bit. Your MC could go to them and ask for help in evening the playing field under the condition that they promise to have a replacement for Life.

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Hmmm well I remembered in an anime I watched before there was a story behind that you can kill God’s but a new one would come in their place a young child that is taken care of as they start getting used to the role kinda like reincarnations

I suppose I could use a concept like that. The main idea I’m getting from this thread is that if I want to kill her, I’ll need someone to take her place.

In one of my other fantasy stories, the plot centred around the idea that if one kills a god, they become a god, and the main antagonist was a self-styled god of magic who was trying to kill one of them. I could still use that concept here, as long as my MC allies himself with someone capable of killing Life and suited to the role as her replacement.

Maybe the gods-bane would be a good candidate, if I can work out exactly how he’d manage to kill her

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Why’s everything got to be solved with violence and death? I’d say find a more creative way of solving whatever problem this boy has with life/reconcile differences instead of just doing the old fantasy ‘kill all your problems because murder is the only solution ever’

The problems this boy has with Life? Well, he died and was reincarnated by her in her garden, having been requested to join her as a demon (warrior of a god) which he did. She killed a lot of people. She give ‘this boy’ PTSD related to watching his friends die.

He doesn’t give half a damn about what old fantasy stories do. He wants her dead.

I mean killing one’s enemy is a dime-a-dozen solution used in fantasy stories rather than writers trying more creative ways to solve problems

I’m gonna be perfectly honest, telling me my story line in inherently flawed isn’t helping me in the slightest.

You’ve already mentioned killing her isn’t viable for obvious reasons. I only meant to agree and push you to find a way to make it complete without killing her.

Either that or go ahead with it and have a portion of the story dealing with the consequences and he has to bring her back or something?