To Post or Not to Post?

Hi guys!

I’ve been writing poetry for a little while, just for fun. Seeing so many people post their work here (and seeing published books at the bookstore) have made me think about posting some of my own.

Since I really only write poetry for myself, should I publish it? Or should I wait and write some more marketable poems instead?


I’d go for it! Honestly, I write for myself too

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go for it! all my poems are for me :blush:

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Go for it! None of my poems were meant for publishing and they are doing better than my own story :joy:

Whatever it is you won’t regret it

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I’m also publishing some poetry, but in spanish; since it is my native language, but it’s never too late to read your work

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Same as some other people on this thread are saying. I originally was just writing mine for the fun of it. I posted a few here and they’re doing better than the other stuff I write. lol. No harm in trying.

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Go for it and post it! You never know what will happen.