To put email address in ebook?

I was working on the copyright part of my cover page and came across the following:

…without the prior written permission of the publisher,…

I’m the publisher so they would have to contact me. But they don’t know my email. As an ebook, I can create a “mailto:” hyperlink and make the word “publisher” clickable to bring up their email app with my email address in it. So “publisher” would be underlined and they could click on it to send me an email.

The email is not my personal email. It’s my author email. Any comments on whether doing that is a good or bad idea?

I’ve seen the “contact author” at the very end of an ebook, usually via an email or a website. Whether it’s a good idea, I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s good that you have an author email.

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Can you link to a website? That’s what I do in my CTA. Or even give the twitter or FB handles? Linking them to the contact page on your website has the advantage they are right where you want them and they might actually sign up…

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I don’t have a website.

I decided to make the word “publisher” an active “mailto:” to my author email in the copyright paragraph on the cover page. Who reads the copyright anyway? And if they do, they’ll think it’s the publisher not me. I don’t believe it will be high risk.

And at the end of the novel, I’m going to list links: (1) a “mailto:” to my author email in case a reader wants to contact me as an author (not the publisher), (2) my email group where I send out notices about new novels, and (3) my Amazon Author’s Page. The only people who will see these are those who bought the ebook and read it to the end. That should be safe.

Not pertinent to my original question, but I list all my books on the cover page (with hot links to the Amazon U.S. site and the ASIN for those not buying on Those are seen when you do a “Look Inside” (the cover page is after the book cover and before Chapter 1), but how many people will even read it? So now that I have links at the end of the novel, I repeated the “Books by…” there too. And I didn’t put in a page break so when they finish reading the story they’ll see a divider (like ~ ~ ~) followed by the titles of all my novels and then the links.

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I don’t think it’s risky at all. Should work. So few people look at the CTA. You’ll be fine

My only concerns are technical. Whatever program your reader is using to read the book might not know what to do with “mailto:” links. Or, if the reader doesn’t have an email program installed and properly configured on that device, clicking the link will do nothing or pop up an unhelpful error message.

So I’d suggest that as well as or instead of making the word “publisher” a hyperlink, have the email address visible on the page (linked if you like) so that the reader can retype it into another device if they want to or need to.

Yeah, I’m used to doing almost everything on a computer.

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