Today i'm adding a few crazy plugins


Strap in, kids…
They will totally be deleted soon but want to see reactions…




yes, using some solutions/adding features created by contributors to discourse!


Oooooo, I love forum plugins. Can’t wait to see what you include! @uncleL


Looking forward to what new shiny toys there might be to play with when I get home from work! If I see any during breaks, I’ll be sure to test them out from my phone too.


Added: ability to choose a post as a ‘solution’ (good for q&a posts), spoiler alert ability (found in gear while composing a reply/post, and a few boring backend ones. I was hoping to install a payments one so users could accept payment but it didn’t actually work like that :confused:


I watched Annihilation Drugs: The Movie


I’m a blue bunny


I think I’m going to get rid of the solution button–it sits before the <3 which is crazy


At the end of my book, character is murdered


What’s the difference?


OMG I just wrote same thing in different thread!


I like the solution thing, but yeah, it’s a bit odd in front of the heart. I need to explore some more :smiley: May 14, 2018 6:13 PM (Europe: Paris), May 14, 2018 9:13 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Idk what the date does :woman_shrugging:


@UncleL this is completely random, but is there a way to realign the columns on the home page? Have the categories on the right, and the latest posts on the left. This would feel a little more similar to original clubs homepage and may be a bit more inviting for those who are freaked out by change


I don’t even see the solution thing at all. I have the heart, the link, and the … but no solution.


Seems like UncleL disabled it :thinking:


I didn’t even see it after it was installed. :joy:


The solution plugin only shows up in threads that you made.


Ah that would be why then. I haven’t made a thread in a while (I never usually do. I’m a joiner more than a thread maker haha)


honestly shoutout to @uncleL for doing this alone. I’m working on coding a software myself right now and it’s so daunting sometimes.