@lumi is in the lead, with @addy close on their heels!


why aren’t my gifs auto-uploading :stuck_out_tongue:


Because you need to drag the image over?


i mean, usually they unroll when i add the link


For the emoji contest, is it restricted to threads made that same day?

'cuz I notice @addy made their thread on May 14th.

So, if they’re ranking, then… shouldn’t other threads be considered, too?


all threads in IYW are considered EXCEPT for those who have already won


So, date of creation doesn’t matter?


it does not






just as i thought, it’s Giphy that prevents the unroll…other sites do it fine. oh well


Wooo! lol


Bring on the emoji brigade! :prisim: :makaylasophia:


join us :prisim: :makaylasophia:


Lol thats great <3


Wot is this contest and how do I enter? xD




xD my threads will never win. I’ll just be content with creating my own, diy, emojis xD



Lol, you can try! I think it would be cool, I doubt I’d win as well, no harm in trying though! you lose nothing :smiley:


I already created one xD and it died. It’s not even possible for threads to die in this place xD