Top 5 Most Romantic Lines In Your Book


Provide us with the top five most romantic or swoon worthy lines or scenes in you book and the person below you will tell us their favorite

If posting scenes, they should be kept as short as possible. No half chapters.


"I’ve imagined waking up next to you in over a dozen different ways, and each of those ways brings me something beyond the word of happiness. So, the answer to your question is yes. If and when you are ready, I would love nothing more than to sleep with you.”

She gaped at him. “Seriously?” By the dumbfounded look on his face, he was serious. “No, because your damn gorgeous.” Her explanation was meant to come out very differently and Ada covered her mouth in a lost attempt to take it back.

The smile of amusement she expected from him before arrived belatedly and Ada turned a shade of red that she didn’t think was possible for the human skin to turn. “I didn’t mean that.”

“Yeah, you did,” Tom said with the biggest smile imaginable.

There was really no way out of this, Ada realized. She’d just called Tom, her teacher and mentor of the last four years, attractive… to his face. As there was no way around what she’d said, Ada tried a different route. “At least I assume you were in your younger years. It’s a little harder to tell now, what with all the grays and the ear hair and the age lines.”

“You think I’m pretty,” he said with that unwavering smile.

Tom let out a heavy breath and readjusted his body on the couch, taking a long pause to contemplate the question. So long that Ada questioned for a moment if he’d gone catatonic. “Have you ever seen the movie ‘As Good As It Gets’?” Ada shook her head and Tom rubbed at his neck. "There’s a part where Jack Nicholson is with Helen Hunt at a restaurant and he tells her that she makes him want to be a better man.

"When I spend time with you, even when it was just at the cafe and the newspaper, you make me feel like a better version of myself and make me feel better about my life; or even just my day. You see me in the best possible way, and made me feel important at a time where my life was falling apart and I felt like I failed at the most important thing I’d ever done.

“I hate that my answer is as selfish as it is, but that’s the truth. I wanted to be around you more because of how you make me feel about myself and because you’ve managed to make every shitty day I’ve had this year feel less shitty.” Tom let out a chuckle and rubbed at his neck again. “Sorry, that’s really the only way I can think to describe it.”

“My zero bullshit answer is that I’m crazy about you.”

“Second question.” She kept her voice as quiet as his so Britt wouldn’t overhear, not that she could have spoken normally with him that close to her. Truthfully she was shocked that more than a squeak managed to escape her lips. “Do you want to kiss me to or are you just screwing with me?”

The bell above the front door chimed and Ada turned around to see a couple in their fifties or so making their way to the counter. She muttered out a curse word.

Tom took the opportunity and stood from the table, pushing his now vacant seat against it. “I should get going.”

Ada looked up at him. “Not until you answer my question. Besides, you haven’t even gotten your peppermint mocha.”

Tom let out a sigh, grabbed his cap and took another step away from the table. With lips pressed forming a wavering smile, he looked back at her with a pensive expression taking over his face before finally allowing the words to escape his lips in a shaky, cracked voice. “You make an awesome mocha, Ada, but that isn’t why I come here every night.”


Lol, I love the “You think I’m pretty” line.

And number 3 is dead on exactly what it feels like when you’re with the right person. I tell my wife all the time that she makes me a better version of myself. And the last line of number 5 is just great dialogue. I love it.

Here are a few of mine.

1.“I’m sorry that happened to you, Sasha.”

Sasha looked up at her, giving her a half-hearted smile and a shrug. “There’s nothing to be sorry about,” she said, “Bad things happen to everyone. Maybe some worse than others. But even with the worst things, sometimes good can come out of it in the end.”

Sylvia shook her head. “I don’t see how any good could have come out of that,” she said.

Sasha’s smile seemed to soften, her eyes taking on a tender glow. “Well, I met you, didn’t I?”

  1. “I didn’t know you wanted to kiss me too,” Sylvia whispered.

Sasha’s eyes flew open as a sly smile crossed her face. “I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first time I met you,” she said.

“Then… the way I feel about you… it’s ok?” Sylvia said, “It doesn’t make me a monster?”

Sasha chucked. “If you’re a monster, then I’m a monster too.”

  1. “I mean, you’ve got to show me what I’d be missing,” Sylvia said, glancing away coyly, “Then maybe I’ll decide.”

“Oh, is that so!” Sasha reached up and pulled Sylvia down into a kiss.

“How’s that?” she asked.

Sylvia shrugged. “Is that all you’ve got?” she teased.

At that, Sasha shot up and snatched a giggling Sylvia roughly into her arms, rolling on top of her and pulling her into a kiss far deeper and more passionate than the last. A soft moan broke from the back of Sylvia’s throat as she relished it, closing her eyes and running her hands down Sasha’s back. The fire was nearly down to a smoldering bed of embers now, and Sylvia opened her eyes to watch blue flame licking over the orange glow as Sasha continued her trail of kisses down Sylvia’s cheek, her jawline, her neck. Her head felt clouded, and whether it was with drink or desire, she couldn’t say.

“So,” Sasha whispered against her skin, “What have you decided?”

Sylvia smiled, closing her eyes again.

“You,” she said, “I’ve decided on you.”

4.“You really miss it, don’t you?” Sasha asked.

Sylvia nodded, looking down at her hands fidgeting nervously in her lap. “I don’t miss the place itself,” she explained, “I hated London. But I miss my parents. And I miss my older brothers and my mother’s shop. I felt like I had a place there.”

“You’re a seamstress for the King,” Sasha pointed out, “Doesn’t that mean you have a place here too?”

“Not really,” Sylvia answered, “I have work, I have a bed, I have a few friends, but I always feel out of place. The only person I don’t feel that way with is you.”

Sasha smiled. “And what makes things so different with me?” she asked.

Sylvia looked up and met her eyes. “With you it feels safe to come out of hiding.”

  1. “Sylvia,” Sasha whispered, now stroking her hair the way her mother had before she boarded the train for Devon, “We are going to leave here together.”

Sylvia raised her head, uncertain if she had heard her correctly.

“But… you said—” Sylvia began.

Sasha cut in, shaking her head. “Forget what I said,” she told her, “We are leaving here together: debt or no debt, contract or no contract. We will find a way out. I will not stand by again and lose all I love to the hands of powerful men.”


5 is my favorite. Easily because it shows how much he cares for her

From my novel, “I Never Imagined.”

  1. He nods. “It’s fine, Sophia. I get where you’re coming from. My grandpa always said, ‘Ti, kteří jsou vám nejbližší jsou ti, co si o vás budou dělat největší starost,’ and I find it very true,” he says. I look at him. “What does it mean?” I ask. “The ones who are closest to you are the ones that will worry about you the most. And I really agree. It’s one of my favorite things in Czech that my grandfather has said,” he says.

  2. And you add the color whenever things are so dull. Whenever I’m upset, all I have to do is think of you, and everything is fine. It’s just like a sunset. Whenever the sky looks so dull, and when the sun sets, it adds all the color and the liveliness.

  3. “You’re a queen. But most importantly, you’re my queen and I need to treat you like one,” he says. My face starts to go red. “Stop being so perfect,” I say. He leans in closer to me. “I’ll stop when you stop being so beautiful,” he says smoothly.

  4. The diamonds are just like Ray’s eyes. So sparkly and so beautiful. And the fact that they connect our two names together to say Ray loves Sophia or Sophia loves Ray really is the cherry on the top. I can’t imagine any better gift from someone other than a bracelet like this. I know it may seem small, but the best things come in the small packages. I can’t stop staring at it. It’s so beautiful.

  5. “Don’t worry about that, Sophia. I’m alive. I’m right here. I wouldn’t leave you if I had the choice. I’d fight and fight until I couldn’t anymore. Don’t you worry about me leaving you. Because that will never happen,” he says.


I love 2 so much!! It paints a really vivid picture of the speaker’s feelings, and as my bio states, I’m a slut for imagery!!

1. I push up his sleeve. There’s a large bruise there. “See?” I tell him. “He pulls shit and you’re the one that gets hurt.”

2. “You’re not a poor schmuck,” he says.

3. “I’m sorry.” I feel a twinge of guilt.
“Don’t be sorry. You got mad. I know why. But next time, will you talk to me?”
I look up at him. No one has ever told me not to be sorry. No one ever wants to talk to me after an argument. They just pretend nothing happened when it definitely did. No one has forgiven me in so long I’ve forgotten how it feels. I barely remember to nod.
He sits down beside me and puts an arm around my shoulders.
Just like that, I start to cry.

4. “Detention isn’t that bad. They give us crackers sometimes.”
“Yeah, but… I didn’t want to go today.”
“Why not?”
“Because that would mean I couldn’t see you.”

5. She leads me into the dining room, where Slade sits, staring down at the table and looking more nervous than I’ve ever seen him. When I come in, his head jerks up. Mrs. Beckett stands next to me, looking back and forth between us with a wide grin.
Slade’s mouth is open, but he can’t form words. For the third time in my life, I’ve knocked the breath out of him.
It’s nice not to have landed on him this time.

Edit: I got skipped with the response part :frowning: Don’t want to be pushy about it but if you’re scrolling through I’d still love to hear which, if any of these lines, draw anyone’s attention!


From “Our Love in an Unforgiving World”

  1. “Do you want to know what I really want?” Alex said, staring her down.

“Uh huh…” she replied.

“I want to take you somewhere beautiful, marry you, then get started having our nine gorgeous children.”

The color rush into her cheeks.

“Why only nine?” she sarcastically asked with a giggle.

“Because ten sounds like one too many,” he retorted.

  1. “Joyce told me you were finally home. I had to see you. I was really worried last time I saw you. I thought I might lose you for good. Plus, our conversation while you were in rehab, well, it gave me hope. Hope that maybe we could do better, be better, stop being stupid, and decide once and for all. I’ve tried to live without you and I just can’t Mercy. Frankly, I don’t want to.”

Mercy studied him; he had the sincerest looked on his face she’d ever seen; he meant the words he was saying. She didn’t know what to say.

“So, are you here to give me an ultimatum?” she asked.

“No, nothing like that. I know you’ve been through a lot. We can take it at whatever pace you’re comfortable with. But if you’ll let me, I intend to marry you one day. It could be tomorrow or fifty years from now. It doesn’t matter. I’ll wait forever. There is no one else I care to spend my life with. No one else I can see being the mother of my children.”

“All nine of them?” she asked.

“All nine,” he added.

  1. “You don’t know what the future holds, Love. I know one thing is certain about the future, I will always love you and I believe you will always love me,” Mercy crawled into Aiden’s arms.

That moment was the perfect example of why Aiden was her confidant. No one Mercy had ever known ever made it that easy to talk honestly and openly about anything as he did. She felt safe in his arms and when he held her heart in his hands she knew that too was safe with him.

  1. “I can’t live without you. I want to, so I can spare us this pain, but I can’t. I would live my entire life in regret,” he paused, then he continued, “You told me I would find a love like the one you had with Alex and Aiden, you told me all I had to do was to be open to however it manifested in my life. I know now that this is it. The love the three of you share that’s the love I want. It’s not how I ever thought I’d live my life but I’m willing to put in the effort to make it work. If you’ll have me,” Henry’s eyes searched hers for the answer.

  2. While Alex and Aiden left to see the children and get cleaned up, Henry laid next to Mercy in bed. He held her tightly against his chest and hope with all his might she’d open her eyes. “Mercy,” he began, his voice shaky with emotion, “Tristan needs you, love, he is so small and fragile. I need you. You’ve been my dream for my entire life. My dream has finally come true, and you’ve given me the greatest gift you could have ever given me, but I don’t want you to pay for that gift with your life. I won’t ever be able to forgive myself if you don’t wake up. Please, my love…” he cried.


My favorite is the first one. Just the idea of this cute couple laughing about having nine children is incredibly real and sweet to me.

All from The Greatest Obsession – A historical LGBT vampire romance

  1. Chapter Nine: Presents & Plans

“Pick a daisy for me,” the man smiled. “It may brighten the atmosphere.” Irina kissed him and smiled when she felt Elijah’s hand cup her chin. He kissed her back, lingering on her, and not wanting to release her. “I don’t deserve you, Irina,” he whispered to her. “You are far too good for me.”

“You sadden me when you say such things–like you are anything bad.”

“I feel like I’m not as good as I could be.”

“You’re wonderful,” she told him and kissed his head again before leaving him.

  1. Chapter Twelve: Night in the Life of a Vampire

You look so irresistible like this, so lovely in your sleep. Oh, the things I would do, the things I have refrained from trying. Strong-willed beauty of my thirst’s desire, let me be quenched by you. Let me see your soul as I have seen countless others. Your silken brown locks so precious to me, are they. Your eyes, oh, such peculiar eyes, the color of polished summer chestnuts, and such smooth pastel lips and skin. Such warm fair skin, warm from the heat of passion for those you hold close. I admire you so. How do I not? Let me have you, let me have you. Let me hear you moan as my mouth brings forth your liquid life. Let me hear you whisper your death threats and your empty promises, I shall laugh. Elijah. Oh, wherefore art thou, Elijah Marks.

  1. Chapter Twenty-One: Too Many Rules Against It

“I could have had anyone in the world. I could have swayed anyone to be mine, yet my soul yearns for a stubborn engaged Catholic man.” A sad, regretful smile graced Haydn’s beautiful face. “Your heart belongs to Lady Irina, and I must learn to accept this.”

Elijah gave no response. He only sighed, casting his eyes away and frowning. It wasn’t irritation he felt but a genuine sadness.

“Tell me, please,” Haydn continued in a whisper, “if there was no rule against it – no punishments, no woman in thine heart already – would there be a place in thine heart for me? Would thee accept me as I am and meet me in intimacy?”

“You mean, would I want you as you want me?” Elijah asked more simply. “I cannot say whether or not I would because that isn’t a reality.” He paused, clutching Haydn’s hair more fiercely as he debated speaking further. “Know this. I know if you asked me back in May the same question I would have exiled you from my life. But now, here I lay, wanting to ease your sorrow and tell you that you have unexpectedly earned a place in my heart now, against every rule and boundary I’ve created. We argue but I think fondly of you and I would be devastated if our bond were to end so suddenly. I fear to even mull over the idea of yes or no threatens my good graces with God.”

He is conflicted. His heart is split into three. His duty and love for her is concrete. Religion and whatever way he values me, a damnable thing in his church, battles for territory. He even fears a fantasy. I hate making you feel this way. Oh, darling, keep your religion and let me hold enough love in my heart for the both of us. I can do it!

  1. Chapter Twenty-Three: Sins of the Flesh

“What’s wrong, Haydn?” Elijah asked.

The look was gone. Only concern was displayed on the human’s face. Haydn stood. He made no sound as he stepped onto Elijah’s bed, bending to his knees in front of him. You are so beautiful to me. I see the looks you give when you think I’m not aware. I hear the words you use and know your mouth wants to say more. You stop yourself. Or do you not realize it? I knew it from the second you held me in my weeping state and allowed my more subtle affectionate gestures. I cannot wait any longer. I love you, oh, I love you. “Nothing’s wrong.”

Elijah leaned closer. “You’re lying.”

“Yes, I am lying. This, however, is the truth,” Haydn whispered as he glided even closer until the gap between them sealed.

  1. Chapter Twenty-Six: The Man who Lost his Religion (not yet published)

The girl pouted and crossed her arms, tucking her left foot under her right thigh. Her eyes clouded with tears, dulling the hazel beauty within them. “Even if it isn’t a romantic love, I am beginning to feel as though you may love him more than you love me.”

Shock. It was a numbing shock that sent Elijah’s stomach churning and his eyes produced its salty fluid too quickly for him to stop the overflow and sudden spur of crying. Not a deep weeping, but scorned tears that added the slightest rasp to his voice. “Don’t you ever say that again. The love I feel for you is so entirely different and it is so strong! You are the love of my life, my precious fiancee, and to believe that anyone beyond God and my family can take the place that you have in my heart is absolutely false. This soul will never know love like yours again. I must have you here with me.”

“Yet you want to keep him. I do not doubt what you are telling me, believe me, I do not. You say these things and I think you believe them, too, but when you say the love is different, what is his love? What can he give you that I cannot?” Irina held his hands and wallowed in an unspoken grief. Irina was no fool. “I know that you love me. I know that our bond as a future husband and wife is special, but I know you are refusing to answer me directly about him.”

“It is an old love,” Elijah whispered, his mouth parted and his eyes lost in the grass. “A love that I know and have known in every life that I have ever lived. And you,” he pointed, laying a finger gently on her chest, “are a new and fresh love. A love so pure and beautiful and young that it brings me to tears. I love you so much. I will truly never know love like yours, again. When I die, our story will be finished and I wish that our love was as his and mine.”

“It can be!”

“I don’t know how to make that happen because I would if I could!”

Irina sat silent, reflecting on Elijah’s words. She wiped her face that grew cold from her tears. In a spur of the moment action, she crawled into Elijah’s lap and hugged him. Hugged him with all of her strength with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms locked tight to his neck. She felt his warm hands run up and down her back. “Is this old love romantic and pure as well?”

“No,” Elijah said, “it is dirty and all-consuming. There is a pain to this love. In him, I see every love the world can offer and surely there is conflict in something like that. The struggles of this life have not been kind to let this old love properly flourish. Under the right circumstances, I believe I could have loved him more than anyone in the world, but I cannot. This body, this Elijah Marks refuses to let the pieces fall into place because he loves you too much.”


Thanks! The book that those are from, is about a couple who become polyamorous. So Alex and Mercy are the initial couple but they bring in Aiden and eventually Henry. They form a family with children. Although not quite 9 of them lol.

My favorite of yours is number two. I like the need and passion behind it.:heart:


#3 is my favorite. it’s so open and raw. For both of them- I can’t imagine the kind of courage it takes to ask a question like that.

From Star Blessed:

  1. “You can’t keep doing that though.”
    “Doing what?”
    Rolling her eyes, she peered up at him. “Tossing me over your shoulder and carrying me back to your lair to keep me safe. I don’t like it.”
    The twinkle became a smoulder. “Most women find it sexy.”
    Grabbing a fistful of his shirt, she tugged him down so that they were nose to nose. “I’m not most women.”
    Indecision warred on his face. Whatever boundaries he’d set between them were unraveling, and she reached between them with her free hand and tugged on the zipper of her wetsuit until the tops of her breasts were visible. The hunger in his eyes made her nipples harden as they scraped against the material, and she wondered if she was brave enough to keep going. To keep lowering it until she was bare before him, his hot mouth replacing the cold rubber.
    “Meribella.” Her name was a prayer- whether for salvation or damnation, she didn’t know. But she was hoping for the latter.
    “Please,” she begged, nipping at his bottom lip. All the heat from her anger remained, but now it boiled and churned in desire.
    “I can’t promise I can stop if we start this.”
    Gripping the zipper tighter, she tugged until it reached her navel. Her answer was in the purr of the material separating, but still she responded, “I don’t want you to.”

  2. Lincoln’s hands itched to move under the covers and glide across her skin, but not to delight her or satisfy the hunger within him. He wanted to find the marks the selkie had described, to feel for himself that she’d truly been healed. It had been so hard to act like the report of Thorne’s attack had been nothing but an update in the ongoing war, but panic had boiled his blood. She’d actually died just hours after he’d worshipped every inch of her and then left her alone because he was a cursed man. For the first time in his long life, the ghost of a wish gripped him. The wish to be a man and nothing more.

    Tomorrow, he would let her go. She was human. Off limits. But for now, he was content to do nothing but hold the witch who’d captivated him, whether it was by magic or some other force he refused to give name to.

  3. Meribella swam until she could touch the bottom and walked the rest of the way inland. Her clothes were where she’d tossed them, but she paused to pull the water from her skin before reaching for her panties.

“I’d ask why you’re naked, but I’m afraid you might put on clothes.”

His rich voice crackled through the air, bringing goosebumps to her skin. Heat and hope churned in her stomach as she spun around to see him watching her. Desire. Longing. Love. Those emotions blazed out of blue eyes she’d started to believe she’d only ever see again in dreams.

Unable to move for fear he might dissipate on the wind- nothing more than a figment of a fractured mind, she whispered, “Isn’t that my line?”

“I’d like to think we’re flexible like that,” he answered, his long legs closing the distance between them.

She pressed shaking fingers against his face, searching for scars but finding nothing but smooth skin. He captured the perusing hand with his own and pressed a kiss to her palm. The softness of his lips against her skin undid her, and she sobbed, “You’re here.”

4.She let the blanket fall as she reached for him, gripping the back of his head and drawing his mouth to hers. Raff groaned and hoisted her on to his lap. This kiss was like lightning in a spring storm. It sizzled through his veins and beat away the darkness. Cleansing. Renewing. An electric promise that things would fall into place, and he would take what he could get for now.

“I love you,” she said between breaths. He answered by trailing fire with his tongue, his teeth scraping against the pulsing vein in her throat. He nipped, marking her as she’d once done him, but this time the message was clear.

“I love you Meribella.”

  1. “Women, man. Why do we put up with them?”

They had reached the pub and were standing in front of the picture window that took up much of the storefront. Through the foggy glass, they could see Meribella and Thorne talking, heads pressed together and smiles curving their lips. Something Thorne said brought color to his love’s cheeks, but she threw her head back and laughed. In his peripheral vision, he spied Lincoln watching the witch, all the hard lines of his face softening as his eyes remained on her.

“That’s why,” Raff whispered.


From my novel Love and the Sea and Everything in Between:

  1. “She’s crying now so I reach out and pull her into my arms because I don’t know what else to do. This whole time, I thought she was mending me. I thought she was helping me find my wonder again. I thought she was reminding me of who I am and who I could still be. But maybe there are things that have been broken inside of her that I don’t know about. Maybe I’m mending her too. Maybe the truth is that we mend each other. And maybe that’s how it ought to be.”
  2. “I stare out at the clouds again. ‘I want to shout into the void that I’m here. I want to make sure that the universe knows that I refuse to be satisfied with just existing. I’m going to live.’ I turn to her and hold her face in the palms of my hand, staring down at her, meeting with the ocean in her eyes. ‘I’ve found my someday, Liz. And that someday is you.’ And as we stand on top of the world, I dare to kiss her.”
  3. “I’ve found my someone. I’ve found my somewhere. And to her I matter.”
  4. “And now, we are above it all; just me and her and the stars. The world is at our feet.”
  5. “We didn’t talk much, but we were there. Together. Under the stars. And it felt good to be with someone, to feel her beside me, to hear every breath she took. It felt good to know that in that moment if I disappeared, she at least would notice.”


Remember to pick your favorite for the person above.


Oh, and the following is my favorite from the above poster’s excerpts. :slight_smile: