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If you can do anything, let me know!

The coloration of the second image is about the color of their blood, the person who did the last two covers lost the edited version of the second one and now they can’t do anything with it (it also didn’t seem like what I was looking for, but had I been able to receive the proper image after they made edits, I probably would have been happy, I put it there in case it can give inspo)


I hope this is okay! thanks for the submission. i tried my best haha, haven’t done this in a few years

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Can you make the subtitle smaller? I feel it pulls too much attention away from the title, and remove the blue banner? Other than that, yeah


Is this what you’re thinking? :slight_smile:


Yeah, what does it look like without the black behind Alive? I am just curious, but yes, it is

or, actually, never mind, I like it like that, I just realized with how dark the blood is, it blends and looks cool

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title: The First Of Her Name
author: ThisIsGee
subtitle: The path to the throne was always bloody.
images/inspo: Pictures: Inspiration 1: Inspiration 2: Inspiration 3 : Inspiration 4
For wolves picture: 1: 2: 3: 4
Ideas: My story is a bit dark. So the color scheme would be black, gray, white and blood red. It was kind of like a dark queen vibe to it so may I request bloody fonts for it as well? And it’s a werewolf story so I would also request an overlay of a wolf there somewhere? I would also like to request that the pictures of the woman you’re going to use are the ones where their faces aren’t shown or their backs are the ones facing the camera.

summary: Nineteen-year-old Jillian Mortier was someone who cared a lot but wasn’t good at showing she did. She had an image-- a certain expectation, of how her life would go. And before her older brother’s Alpha Trial, she was fine. She trained hard and kept mostly to her family and friends.

But afterward?

She had weird dreams-- nightmares filled with blood, and screams of something she hasn’t seen. The need to protect her family overwhelmed her, and the urgency to plan for an attack increased. Then everything she prepared for turned into ash.

title: Obtaining Happiness

author: Nicole B./IloseYouLose

subtitle: Sadness to hapiness; pain to pleasure-is there a way to change?(or something similar would be fine.)

images/inspo: I don’t have particular images, but if I could suggest that there be a blonde haired blue eyed girl in darker clothing looking depressed and A brunette, brown eyed girl with a fake looking smile could stand either next to each other or facing towards or away from each other, I would love that.

summary: For as long as she could remember, Aloni could feel other people’s negative emotions in the form of varying degrees of pain. She had made up her mind to talk as little to people as she possibly could and to avoid any physical contact of any kind. The closer people got to her, the more pain she felt. That is, until one day she feels strangely compelled to help out Mallory- the most cheerful and helpful girl in class, as well as the person who causes her the most pain. But will she be able to fight through the pain in order to change Mallory’s negative emotions into positive ones? or maybe Mallory isn’t the only one who has issues to deal with. (I just came up with this summary, so sorry if it’s crap…I’ve just been writing the story as a side thing without a summary for a while)


hi i hope this is okay? let me know if you want me to change anything :smile:


hiiii i hope this is okay dear! let me know if you want me to change anything :slight_smile:



  1. Title: The Million Dollar Game Plan
  2. Author: frost-dreams
  3. Brief description of story- After high school most teens prepare for the next step, which is going to college but the determined Nina Sanders prepares for something drastically different, a robbery. 10 years after Nina’s mom was the victim of a scheme at the hand of a business mogul that resulted in years of poverty Nina has something to take care of before jetting off to college, and that’s revenge. With the help of her best friend Nina plans to take back the money she thinks is rightfully hers, by any means necessary. The only thing that could stop her, the bosses own son who takes an interest in her and is determined to find out what shes hiding.
  4. Color scheme- Something light and vibrant
  5. Anything specific you want on the cover- I want something with 2 girls. I want the cover to have the same aesthetic as a teen fiction cover, something that’s simple but grabs peoples attention.


i hope this is okay babe! tbh i love it. let me know if you want me to change anything :cupid:

could you make the game game plan font the same as the million dollar and replace the image. I feel like the image doesn’t really represent the story what about this41eZs3FOqxL or


hi is this better?

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Author: TheDreamFox
Title: Blind To Love
Subtitle: Can something you can’t see be real?
Inspo: I can’t think of specific pictures but I would ideally like it to be in pinkish tone or purple/blue (basically sunset colors lol) Its a romance so I would like to focus on that, it’s also a very difficult love so if that can be present but whatever you can do. :blush:

accepted! so do you want a sunset?