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I will read no more than five chapters if you dedicate one chapter to me. BUT you can do an extra dedication which will give you an additional two chapters, which I will critique. You can also do a third extra dedication to get two more chapters critiqued. But that’s it. If you dedicate a fourth or more chapter to me, you will get no additional chapters to be critiqued, so I’m not stuck on one person for too long.

That being said, you can come back as many times as you wish until it says closed without it being considered extra dedication/chapters if the story is different from the last time you requested. BUT you cannot request a bunch of critiques for stories at once because that is not fair to other people wanting critiques. So request a critique for one story, then when I have completed your critique on that story, you can request critique for another story (which you will have to give a fresh dedication for).



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Critique Queue:

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Title: Zeitgeist
Genre: Romance
What Chapters: 1-5
Focus: Characters and Storyline


What specifically about the characters do you want me to be looking at? What specifically do you want me to be looking at with the story line?


Specifically the character development, likeability and uniqueness. For storyline, if it’s interesting, well-thought out.


Okay cool. Just tell me when you complete the payment, and I will start working on your chapters.


I’ve just completed it :slight_smile: Could the reviews be sent through PM?


Absolutely. I will start working on your critiques now.


Title: Be Alright
Genre: Romance
What Chapters: prologue + chapter 1
Focus: dialogue/action and plot development

i am working on payment rn :slight_smile:


what specifically about dialogue/action do you want me to be focusing on? What specifically about plot development do you want me to be focusing on?


just the ratio like to see if its too much or too little or if it’s over the top. and for the plot development – just to see if its rushed or not rushed or too unrealisitic. and anything you feel like commenting on :slight_smile:


Okay, I will add you to the queue. There is one person in front of you.


Title: Evolve
Genre: Utopian-Dystopian\Adventure\Action
What chapters: 1 to 7 (Don’t read 2 and 4 because I think they’re a hopeless case)
Focus: is it gripping enough? Does it make you want to read more? is the dialogue and action moving well?

Working on payment rn

Also can I add extra chapters if I do dedication twice?


Payment is done :slight_smile:


Aww no writing is hopeless! The worst ones are the ones that need that critique the most! Are you sure you don’t want chapter one through five, so I can help you fix up those “hopeless” chapters?

I’m going to say yes, but here’s the rule I’m going to put on that. For every extra dedication, I will critique two more chapters. And you can only dedicate a maximum of two extra times aside from the first dedication that gives you a maximum of five chapters. That make sense? So you get two extra chapters for every extra dedication, but you can only do two extra dedications.


I will add you to the queue. Just so you are aware, there are two people in front of you.


The problem is I am going to post Chapter 8 tomorrow and I can’t decide whether I should tell you to review it or review 2 and 4 :sob:


Okay, well you have some time to think on that while I’m getting the other people head of you’s critiques done. Just let me know before I get to you what you want to do. Also I updated the rules a little further if you want to check that out up there. It’s underneath the image because I got lazy and it was too complicated to explain on the picture.


okay so I made up my mind. I’ll post chapter 8 tomorrow and you can critique it as well but skip chapter 4 so now you have 7 chapters :innocent: I put my second dedication up!!! :slight_smile: