Cool. I will re-edit my critique post to match. There are two people in front of you.


Title: When Life Gives You Lemons
Genre: Teen Fiction
What Chapters: Prologue-Chapter 4
Focus: Plot/character development and if the story is interesting enough/super predictable

Thank you so much! I’ll work on the payment right now! (:


Okay, I will add you to the queue. Just so you know, there are three people ahead of you. To keep up to date on where you stand in the queue, you can check my third post where there is a frequently updated queue.


Title: The Game
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: I only have three so far.
Focus: Anything really


As soon as you complete the payment, I will accept your request and add you to the queue.


I routinely add a section to the beginning of my works to acknowledge the contributions, if outstanding, of critique partners and contributors. Such are rather sparse here, as have been the contributions. I continue to follow this practice though. If you want to pick up one of my works and provide useful content, it will be acknowledged, and I can return critique on any work of your choosing chapter for chapter. In addition, I can enroll you in my on-line critique club, ( A going concern for eleven years, that I am currently rebuilding due to retiring membership.) Obviously, I am not going to thank someone in advance in the begining of my work, for services not yet rendered however. I am open to line editing, as you suggest, or full critique.


Could I still give you a second dedication so you could critique chapters 6 and 7?


Yes, Go ahead. But I would have to put those chapters at the bottom of my queue because they did technically come in later.


Okay, I never suggested line editing. I do full critiques, and I send them to people via PM. I’m not really in a place right now where I want critiques on my works because I wouldn’t have time to use any of the information I would get from a critique with working on critiquing others, writing my own chapters, and school. That was my reasoning on asking for a dedication, so I still get something out of the deal. Which many people don’t even see the dedication on people’s writing, so I figured it wouldn’t bother too many people to give one for a payment beforehand. I do the payment beforehand for the obvious reason that otherwise people might skip out on the payment.
I see your qualms, and I understand them. I am a person of my word though, and if you request a critique, you will get your critique.



Title: Rhythm of Love

Genre: Romance

Chapters: 1 & 2 (That’s actually all I have so far)


Focus: Overall quality and what I can do to make it better :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for considering1


“Commenting on any grammar, sentence structure issues I come across” is line editing. If you provide contextual comment and recommendations on plot, development, pace, cadence, characterization, arcs, action ramps, so forth as well, that’s fine too. Comment on any work, is always sought, save the first short story in the “Two Ghouls” volume , which is just a vignette. Currently interested most in critique of the MICAIN series.


Please fill out the form. If I tell you, you are accepted, then I need you to complete the payment. The rules I have put in place are rules for a reason, so I would much appreciate your cooperation.


Hello! I will do the critique, and I will add you to the queue as soon as you do the dedication. So you are aware, four people are currently in front of you as long as you complete the payment before anyone else.


Of course I will get on that now!
Edit: Done!


Okay, I will add you to the queue once I get the chance. Just so you are aware, there are 4 people in front of you in the queue, and you can keep up to date by checking back at the queue from time to time which is updated daily.


Just a question! How much time do you plan on spending on each chapter? I just want to calculate an approximate date in my head for when you start critiquing my book :innocent:


Would you like to try mine? It’s not rated mature, but there are lgbtq themes. No overt sex, no gore, no gratuitous violence, etc. It’s called LEAD ME ASTRAY, and it’s a poly paranormal romance.

genre: Paranormal Romance
chapters: 1-5
focus: what do you see? tear it apart and let’s look at it together.
payment: complete. chapter 33 is dedicated to you


I’ve been steadily getting critiques out once a day. For the first two days, then yesterday I didn’t have time to critique a full chapter. Today I plan to get at least a chapter fully critique. My goal is to always try to get one done per day, but life intervenes, so some days I can’t critique a chapter. There’s about five chapters ahead of you so based on that I should be onto your critique in about a week I’d say?

Does that help?


Yes, I will add you to the queue. I know it looks like, on the queue that you are fifth in line, but there is a person I didn’t get to add onto the queue yet, so there are five people in front of you, and you are sixth in line.


yes that definitely helps a lot!
Thank you!!! :heart: