Traditional Querying and Wattpad

Hi, I’m new to Wattpad and my current MS is out on query. Would anyone be able to advise if posting that work here is going to create a conflict of interest and put potential agents or publishers off? Thank you as I’m literally about to tear it down.

Everyone has a different opinion. The audience on Wattpad doesn’t completely overlap with the audience that would potentially be buying your book.

It also depends on what you want – if writing on Wattpad is important to you, then you should focus on finding an agent who agrees with that sentiment. They’ll work with you.

There were some previous threads talking about this and might be worth the read:

Some agents say yes and some say no. Like everything in this industry, the opinion is subjective.


If you post the same manuscript that you’re querying, don’t post it on wattpad.

The discussions have always revolved around a draft version on wattpad, not the final version.


I noticed you joined just a month ago, and your manuscript has few reads. I would take it down, personally. I don’t think you have anything to gain by leaving it here while you query.

If it was a first draft that had been here for ages and had LOTS of reads, I’d say leave it. But I see no positives for you leaving it up.


Thank you. I’m really stressed over this. I joined a month ago but only started posting up a week ago. I think it would be better to post something else.

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I really appreciate this - thank you. I can post other work and take this one down.

I do too. Truly. DO post – I’m not trying to dissuade you of that. Just don’t post the one you’re querying now.

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Thank you. Writing on wattpad IS important to me but I’ve made a mistake with this.

I think to break it down, the real issue is: agents and publishers are there to sell a product. You can’t sell it if it is available for free.

That being said, you can absolutely post a first draft on here. Or even a second. But if the draft you post on Wattpad is close to the final product, then I say don’t post it on here. If you post a first draft and change 70% of it for the final, most people won’t care.

I’d say based on it being a new story, I’d take it down for now and post something else. This can be a great place to get some feedback, or just write stories we otherwise might not write.

Good luck!!!