Traffic System


Out of curiosity, how do traffic systems work in your country?

Which country are you from (if you want to answer)
Do traffic cops sit on the road and trap speeders that way?
Do you have cameras in certain places and then receive a ticket in the mail a while later?
Are your cops easily bribed?
Which side of the road do you drive on?
Are stop streets common? Are robots (traffic lights) common?
Anything particularly interesting/specific to your country?

Here we often have cops sitting on the roads to catch speeders, and if they’re lazy, they’ll leave a temporary camera.

We have fixed cameras in certain places - some illegally placed like at the bottom of hills or around a bend :roll_eyes: some cops are easily bribed and others not, you’ve got to suss them out xD


Which country are you from (if you want to answer)

Do traffic cops sit on the road and trap speeders that way?
No, at least not where I am

Do you have cameras in certain places and then receive a ticket in the mail a while later?
Sometimes? We also have speed monitor things. Like a screen when you drive by it tells you the speed

Are your cops easily bribed?
Not that I know of

Which side of the road do you drive on?
Right side

Are stop streets common? Are robots (traffic lights) common?
Traffic lights on busy areas, and stop signs on slower, more neighbourhood areas

Anything particularly interesting/specific to your country?


USA -California. Home of some god awful traffic.

In some areas, yes. If the road is known for speeders you will almost always find a cop sitting somewhere ready to trap them.

Used to. But over the past couple of years they’ve been phased out of our area after multiple complaints of false tickets.

No clue. Never tried to bribe one :rofl:

Right side.

Here they’re called stops signs and stop lights (assuming I understand the question right LOL) and yes, theyr’e common. Some streets will have one every block, others have them every couple blocks. Only freeways don’t have them until the freeway ends.

Maybe that in LA it can take 2 hours to drive 10 miles because of how bad traffic can be :rofl:


That’s a cool contraption! Our cameras here just flash if you’re speeding and then you get a ticket in the post xD

Yeah! Same :smile:

xD Ditto here

Here too! And on busy/long stretches too.

I wish that would happen here xD

My uncle was once going 200 kmph and a cop stopped him. He was able to get out of his ticket by giving the cop a can of Coke and a bag of biltong (I think it’s called jerky there? It’s basically dried raw meat xD sounds gross but it’s great)

Yup! You understood correctly xD I love our lingo here but sometimes what we call things differ so greatly to what the rest of the world uses, I have to really think of the alternative name xD sometimes I forget and people have NO IDEA what I’m saying xD

I can imagine this! At peak hour traffic, it can take hours to move two kilos!


Happens to me all the time LOL I take for granted that there are a lot of things that are specific to the US and only the US LOL


Which country are you from (if you want to answer)
United States

Do traffic cops sit on the road and trap speeders that way?

Do you have cameras in certain places and then receive a ticket in the mail a while later?
Yes. For sure. Down the road where I am, two major roads cross. There’s two traffic cameras there xD

There’s also this thing in the Bay Area (Northern California) called “FasTrak.” It’s basically a monthly subscription to use these automated payment lanes at toll booths. But they’re monitored by cameras, so if you go through it without a FasTrak subscription, you get mailed a bill. They’ll check your plate against their system I guess.

Are your cops easily bribed?
I’m not sure. Where I am though, I would say no, they’re not.

Which side of the road do you drive on?
RHT (Right Hand Traffic)

Are stop streets common? Are robots (traffic lights) common?
Depending on the road, yes. The major roads are typically controlled by traffic lights and the smaller, suburban roads have stop signs instead.

Anything particularly interesting/specific to your country?
The US does not have a lot of round-abouts. As a result, a lot of people are nervous/unsure when it comes to entering them/using them. Literally, in the pamphlet teaching us how to drive, they have one tiny paragraph that basically tells you “Yield to traffic in the circle.” Nothing about what to do if an emergency vehicle is behind you as you enter the round about.

In the Netherlands, if you enter a round about with an emergency vehicle behind you, you’re supposed to make one more trip around the round about to let the emergency services go to their exit first.

Edit1: added more to question 3.


Eyyyy, Cali buds :smiley:




high five California represent! :surfing_woman:


Oman (you’ll probably won’t know it)

Sometimes. Not as often.

We have cameras on all the main road, expreasways and service roads. Except for roads that go inside villages or residential areas. We’re flashed whenever we speed and it is based on point system. Say we get certain number of points; our license will be taken away.

Road accidents are major causes of death in Oman. There is nothing else that goes wrong here tbh. Bare minimal criminal activities.

Yes and no. It honestly depends on who you are. XD


Well not on the main road. No. Not in the expressway but if the main road or expressway diverts to the city, then yes. We have traffic lights. In commercial areas, we have both lights and stop signs.

Nothing specific to add. We’re a smol country and loved to be under the radar. Pun intended.


Funnily enough, I do know of Oman xD

Had to remember the countries of the Middle East in Geography class for some reason.


Ahhhh. You know us xD It is not a small country per se. It is bigger than UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. It is small because, well, it is not known. We love the quiet and peace away from the spotlight.


Like that one neighbor that avoids the neighborhood drama eh?


tmw I only use public transportation >>
traffic lights and stop signs are common, yes, as I live in philly
Any interesting face about this place:
It’s illegal to sleep on top of your refrigerator outside


I only use public transportation too xD

Well, when I’m at school. At home, I sorta have to drive everywhere because suburbia lol


The great white north known as Canada.

Or under overpasses in the shadows, behind large billboards, behind trees or buildings.


Hahahahaha god no! Don’t do that, you will probably get arrested.

The right side and by right I don’t mean correct because I just realized how that sounded and I laughed a little to myself because I am childish and like puns.

We have them everywhere, both the stop streets and traffic lights.

If you are on a freeway or a double highway, you are required by law to drive in the right lane unless you are passing. So don’t crowd the left lane because it makes it dangerous.

Also where I am, in Saskatchewan, you can only go 60kmph or less in constructions zones otherwise speeding fines triple. The same for passing emergency crews except you have to slow down to 50kmph.

Also in cities the cops are riding the city buses to catch people on their cell phones while driving.


We have a similar thing here, and people don’t bother to pay it because no one wanted the system in the first place :joy:

Ditto here. We have a few, but people don’t generally know how to use them - especially how you’re supposed to give way to the person on the right. Usually people end up just using them as fourways.

Obvs I know this place :smile:

Oh, this is a good system!


Ditto here xD They just wait to spring out and catch you xD


Same here. On the highways, it’s usually a “keep left pass right” rule - the right lane is usually the fast lane.

If there’s an emergency vehicle around, you have to either slow down and let them overtake you or pull over to the side so they can hurry along.


I’m not sure what the law is in California, but I do know that the left lane is usually for people that go faster and/or are a HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle). The right lane are usually for trucks and slower people.

As for emergency vehicles, we only have to merge out of our lanes to let them pass. If you’re on a two lane road, you have to pull over to let them pass.


On our highways we usually have yellow lanes, and that’s where they’re supposed to go if they’re in a super super rush. On smaller roads, then we have to give them way.


Another question:

Do your driver’s licenses expire after X amounts of years? Or once you have a license, you have one forever?