Tragic backstories?


If i was that kid i would trust anyone.


Things like “My parents died” or “My family was abusive.” The kinds of backstories that, while tragic, are practically author shorthand for “Insert Tragic Backstory Here.” They can still be done well if the author goes into more detail about how and why these things happened, but I find that most don’t. They just throw that detail in there because it’s an easy bit of character development that they then never have to refer back to again. A tragic backstory is something that should stick with your hero and shape them into who they are today, not “Oh, by the way, my parents are dead. Now on with the plot!”


mine is a bit of both but there is a twist where the parents are alive and the brother abandoned the brother to save the brother from being murdered by his father’s wife


I agree. I feel like it’s an easy way for the author to get the reader to sympathize with their MC.


In one of the books I have on back burner, one of my favorites is the main antongonist, Clarissa, as a child sees her brother get murdered and decides to join the organization that she believes killed him while he worked for them. It’s an evil and twisted place in a fantasy world and she takes it over by slowly working up the ranks so she can take revenge on the entire town and the organization simultaneously.