Traits for a jerk character/character most everyone in the story hates


I’m looking for a list of traits for a jerk character, a character most, if not all, the other characters in the story hates.

*Doesn’t resect people’s things/Takes things from others without permission (food, clothes, money, etc.)
*No sense of personal space
*Injects him/herself into groups/group activies even though the people hate him/her
*Makes inapporaite comments/snarky
*Gets angry at the small things and overreacts to it
*Talks over other people

Any more ideas?


Isn’t that enough? I hate them already :sweat_smile:

I mean, sure you can add more - plays cruel pranks, lies to B about C and to C about B just to manipulate them into distrusting each other and so on and so on but …


Thinks he’s always right. Puts down other opinions constantly. Categorizes people and then insults those general populations. Insists that he has talents that no one else seems to be aware of. Shoots down anyones attempt to connect to him by insisting that they don’t know what they’re talking about and they should just stop.


This isn’t for one character. Just looking for a list right now. XD


I was going to say condescending, but looks like you beat me to it


Someone who is clingy, with no sense of personal space and always trying to be a joiner would make my pity them like awww you poor little mental case.

but theres a thin line line you know who I hate who people want to feel bad for… fucking snape fuck snape boo hoo she wasn’t into you-you sucked get over it loser!

Okay list (most of these cant exist in one person)

  • Stupid and proud

  • Cruel to people who cant defend themselves (People with mental handy caps and kids)

  • Mr Me too’s “I just feel so sad” “OMG I remember this one time where I felt exactly like your feeling so lets talk about that” Or Horrible accident happened “OMG I was almost there even though I wasnt I could have died”

  • People who like slapstick and Pranks… no its not funny you dink youre a sociopath with an outlet

  • People who say or do horrible things and defend it by saying not everything is serious

  • People who gaslight people, like they do something they know is politically incorrect and for the sense of being an edge lord complain about being called out on it

  • edge lords Someone who attempts to seem edgy by doing or saying risque or offensive things.

  • “If that was me” like someone who makes comments on a situation they have never been with claiming they would have handled it in a way they wouldnt have handled it like the geek who writes they would punch someone in the face on the internet but gets bullied or the dip who hears a horrible story and goes into screaming at the Tv mode “I wouldnt have gotten hacked up because I would have”

  • someone who is culturally insensitive

  • Sandwich complements “God youre so pretty, youre a bit stupid but what a nice dress”

  • People who swear that if they had not experienced something it’s impossible Yes susan some girls can be hot in smart, omg derrick just because you have not been to that one place it doesnt mean no one else can

  • habitual liars

  • Awkward people make me mad I dont know why I can only take them in small doses

  • Debby downers, we get it life isnt great but god why come around just to sulk

  • People who need constant reassurance

  • People who hate people just because they dont have outward issues, like… why does someone having their stuff together bother you


Dislikes animals, especially cats and/or dogs.

Edit: sorry, went as a response for some reason. Was not intented.

  • The type who hulk smashes everything
  • Angry for no reason
  • Why is he still not in jail for harrassment?
  • Is aware he/they/she/ has anger problems, but ever bothers to try and fix it.


I love a bit of toxic masculinity in a character everyone hates.

  • not necessarily homophobic on the level of “gays should be put to death”, but certainly on the level of “what are you, a poof?”
  • 21st century chivalry - if you don’t let me get the door for you, you’re a fat bitch and you’ll die alone
  • disagreements can only be sorted through violence
  • uses the n-word despite not being black, or other slurs despite not being a member of the minority, and insists it’s “just a joke” and anyone offended is a pussy
  • “Fight Club is my favourite movie”




In that case, is Izaya a jerk?


My current project has such character, not a typical “bad boy”, but a complete asshole. Here’s a brief list of his traits:

  • Cynical and sarcastic
  • Fraud and opportunist
  • Politically incorrect remarks
  • Shows condescendence towards minorities
  • Swears rather often
  • Doesn’t see the fine line between mocking and rough insulting
  • Bully
  • Has inappropriate sexual remarks towards his female teammates
  • Nothing sacred to him, no respect towards anyone
  • Bonus point: Never make him too physically attractive. If you describe him as a hot guy with perfect body and handsome face, the readers (especially female) are going to love him no matter how despicable his personality is. Look at Draco Malfoy or Loki. If you want the readers to feel aversion towards him, go for average or downright unattractive look.


Thus reinforcing a “beautiful can’t be evil”/“ugly is evil” stereotype? Um, no thanks.

Although I agree with the problem.


Make him misogynistic and super snotty. Oh and make him a priveleged, pampered brat. You betcha I’ll hate him forever


Trust me, I also hate to support a stereotype. But in this weird era, it’s either supporting a stereotype or having your perfectly hateable bad guy ruined by immature fangirls who turn him into a misunderstood tragic hero because “someone so hot must conceal a heart of gold”. It’s a loss/loss situation.

  • inappropriate jokes about subjects other characters ask not to talk about (but he does anyway)
  • guilt trippy and manipulative
  • always plays the victim
  • brags about his sex life in a way disrespectful to his partners
  • hypercompetitive
  • condescending
  • an actual coward when it comes to real confrontation
  • lowkey a narcisist


I have an arsehole male character (misogynist, homophobe, physically abusive, anger issues, violent, etc etc - although he is also compassionate, protective, generous and well-mannered to even it out) and he is short (5’7 ish), heavily tattooed, scarred, and has a mustache. People still fall in love with him. Some people just have bad taste.


I think sometimes the jerks are just really fun to read and write about, especially when they’re just so easily hatable. I admit that I have actually terrible garbage characters near and dear to my heart, not because they’re good people or I would ever like them irl, but because they’re interesting, entertaining, and fun characters.


“Self-centered” and “entitled” immediately came to mind. Thinks everything is about him, makes everything about him. Hypocrite. Counts favors. Self-righteous. Immature. Drama queen. Always going out of his way to feel offended. Selfish. Spoiled. Controlling. Throws a hissy fit when you decline an unreasonable request.

Based on all the most insufferable people I know IRL.


Sounds a lot like arrogance basically and being conceited and narcissistic,