Trans character in the workplace

I’m writing about a trans girl, and she is also the main character. I want her to be able to hold down a job… but I wonder how this would affect her. I can’t seem to find anything on Google about employment issues for those that are trans either. She lives in New York if this helps. I know one of the biggest issues would most likely be the bathroom access…

Help? D:

Also, I do apologize if I didn’t use the right terms. ;w; I’m trying really hard to learn what’s right and what’s not. So, if what I said is wrong… feel free to correct me in a nice way, and I’ll be glad to fix it. ^^;

I am not transgender, I am non-binary, so you have to take my responses with a grain of salt.

The question you need to ask is if she passes. There are plenty of transgender men and woman who you wouldn’t even know were transgender if they didn’t tell you. That’s an important step in knowing how much struggle they encounter. And how vocal she is about everything.

I would recommend checking out some own voice works by transgender authors to get a sense of what they deal with in their daily life :slight_smile:

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She does pass pretty well… I guess? I mean, if she didn’t tell anyone about being one, then people would see her as a girl. She hasn’t had surgery yet because she’s afraid of hospitals, along with the complications for the surgery as well. That, and it’s costly. I’ll def check YT on this because they usually have some good resources and such for it. :3

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I think you’ve got the right idea. Check some stories by people who have lived it and use your best judgement. There are hormone treatments to consider as well, vs actual surgery. It depends how much you want to get into all of that. Research research research!
Then have a sensitivity reader when it is done.

I’m thinking of having her go under SSI instead. Not because of her being trans, but she is diagnosed with Autism and Anxiety I’m autistic and have anxiety myself.

Whatever works for the story. There probably aren’t a ton of transgender autistic characters in stories out out there, but they most certainly exist. So I’d say a thumbs up for inclusion :slight_smile:

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I’m a trans guy and I’m currently writing a story with a trans male protagonist who is conflicted about whether or not to disclose his trans past to his co-workers. He works at an elementary school, which is part of what fuels his particular hesitation.

As a post-transition person, I never found bathroom access to be an employment issue, especially in New York City. There are workplace protections against discrimination and harassment. I feel like her issues would depend on her line of work and whether or not her employer knows that she is trans.

If her employer doesn’t know, and she doesn’t want to tell them for whatever reason, that might cause some stress. To get a job you need to provide ID and a social security card, so legal name and sex could be an issue. In NY you only need a doctor to fill out a form that you’ve “transitioned” (not surgery-specific), so that might not be a problem. Some jobs also require college transcripts, so depending on the age when she transitioned that might out her.

I don’t know what other issues she might face, besides closed-minded co-workers. There are lots of transgender people who hold down professional employment. But I’d also suggest reading #ownvoice stories as a form of research.


I did read up that SSI does allow you to change your gender… but I’m not entirely sure how that really works. D:

I don’t know if it’s changed since Trump, but Obama relaxed the laws. You get a letter from a doctor affirming that you’ve “transitioned”, then fill out a form you find online, and then have an awkward in person exchange with a civil servant. But honestly, social security cards don’t list gender on the card, so it’s the name that’s important there.

When I responded I wanted to link to your story so badly but we aren’t allowed!

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