Translating tips?


Hey folks!
So I’m currently working in translating/rewriting from Spanish to English one of my stories for the Wattys.
Do you usually translate your work?
How hard have you found it to be?
Could you spare some tips for this lost soul? :joy:


Hi ! I’m not a writer but a translator, I think the best thing to do is to read the chapter once, then put in Spanish on an tablet for example and translate it in English on your computer. I think that it’s not really hard if you know well both languages, but it can be boring.
I hope I helped your lost soul :joy:


You did, kind of :joy::joy:
When I started translating I was doing it word by word. Yep, horrible, shame on me. It wasn’t until a friend sat down with me and asked me what I was doing that I realized how terrible it was. Right now I’m doing what you told me but paragraph by paragraph.
Since my chapters are short I think I could try just doing as you said and see what happens.
Wish me luck! :sweat_smile:


Good Luck ! Don’t hesitate to ask again if you have any doubts, we wouldn’t want you to be a lost soul again :joy::two_hearts:


I only speak English so no translating here. But I’d assume it would be a lot like writing it. Except this time you have a guide to follow. So just take it one word and one sentence at a time.


This is actually something that is an advice question about translations - someone messaged me last night asking for permission to translate my story. She sounded excited about it, and I was going to go “well, okay, whatever.”

But then she messaged me again saying “Please please please let me know your answer,” which sounds desperate and now I’m concerned.

So, uh, what should I do about that?


Hm, what’s the story there? Maybe over-excite-able?


Honestly I don’t think I’d ever agree to let someone else translate my story for me. I’d have no way to prove they’re being true to my words and not changing it. So unless I get published and sell my rights to other countries, I politely thank the person for their offer but I decline it.

I also have some trust issues after having been plagerized before so that helps with that decision :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I can help with Hindi translations :slightly_frowning_face:


The only way I would let someone do it if it’s going to be related to publishing it later, and would it count as a job. I don’t know but I wouldn’t let anyone in wattpad translate any of my stories just for the sake of having it in the website. I agree with @Prisim


@sugarfree I suggest checking her out on Wattpad, clarifying with her and testing her knowledge of the language that the user wants to translate.
Had one Turkish user literally begging me to give her permission to translate my story. After checking the profile thoroughly, declined her politely.
Had her checked out with my Turkish friends too, so that I could be fair with her.


Hey Beatrice @BeatriceLebrun :slight_smile: How are you? Nice to see you here =]


I’m great! And you? I’m loving this site, I hope we can migrate to Wattpad soon!


@uncleL Dunno, but it’s got me concerned.

@BeatriceLebrun The messing up the meaning is an important thing… I didn’t think about that.

@nablai The worrying thing is she has nothing on her Wattpad profile. I am definitely going to ask her what her knowledge is in the language, why she’s interested in translating it, etc.

Thank you all!


Curious, what language is it?


Persian, of all things.




It can be difficult when you use a phrase or word that doesn’t exist in the language you’re translating your book. You need to make sure you’re getting your point across in the translated work.


@sugarfree Not going to spoil things here, but Persian is a rich language and can be difficult to translate. Google translate also makes a mess of Persian-English translations, tbh. Personal experience here…