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I believe it. And if we didn’t care about the community then myself and others wouldn’t be talking to you and we wouldn’t have the Ambassadors either.

Wattpad is a business, yes, absolutely, and of course they want to make some money. If they don’t they’ll cease to exist just like any other business. But I can tell you now that the staff genuinely do care.


I believe it too. And I believe that it’s possible to connect the world through stories on a global scale. If you can dream it, you can do it. I believe in Wattpad and their team. The best things take time, patience and a lot of hard work. And failures are learning curves, a kind of stepping stones to success. They are beta testing programs instead of a direct international launch so that they can iron out the kinks. I’d rather they try, make mistakes than not making an effort at all. The Wattpad team are always open to feedback. The good, the bad, the ugly. And they have responded politely to everyone. Always.
The Ambassadors are lovely folks who genuinely love and care for Wattpad and the community. They are special, unique. Otherwise they wouldn’t have so many people applying to be an Ambassador every 4 months.


Hey Guys!

So I’m just reading through this thread and it’s super helpful. I’m having my call on the 10th of December and if there’s anything you want me to bring up I created a thread for it too

Gonna read all the replies and see if i missed anything :slight_smile:


ok, so I’ve had a chat with folks at HQ, and I think they’ve pretty much confirmed what I said in my earlier post. There is a lot of data about any program that is proprietary and we simply wouldn’t share, and there’s also an optimum time to release any data we do have and that’s not quite yet in terms of an AMA. That said, the best indicator that a program is a success is if we’re expanding it, which is the case of Wattpad Next (beta).

Re communications, we typically post major product announcements and updates on the News & Updates story on Wattpad. Here is the recent Wattpad Next (beta) update for example : but I have mentioned that things could be set up slightly differently and I’m sure someone will have a look at it.

Hope that helps a little bit, and more and more information will come over the coming months as things progress I’m sure.

Cheers, Gav

Wattpad Next Beta UPDATE?

New thread to ponder: