transportation in science fiction and fantasy

I’ve been enjoying the discussion of Princesisto’s mag-lev ships and trains–over on the energy sources thread. So I’d like to continue the topic here.
Personally, I’m really tired of the private automobile both in real life and in science fiction. I’d like to discuss alternatives. In fantasy, I’ve gotten rather tired of horses. I’d like to see how magic could be used to move freight and passengers. An important part of this is how to transport food. Often it’s perishable so there needs to be ways to preserve it, keep it cool, and transport it quickly.

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As a fierce, undying public transporation advocate, I adore thinking of interesting and inventive ways of transporting people and goods in a future world. My web novel ATL is definitely “retrofuture” in that its technologies are very cartoonishly unfeasible in real life, but the idea of a sky rail zipline-type system zooming around all the skyscrapers in the downtown of a city gets me all giddy in a childlike way. As does the idea of banning private vehicles within the city limits, forever ending traffic jams…


Fun. I like the zipline.
And yes! Let’s ban private vehicles inside cities. I like the idea of vehicles being built in, like elevator cars but going horizontally.

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Some cities in real life have banned private vehicles; Madrid, Spain, I think is the biggest of them because it has reduced pollution by a huge amount. Of course, there’s still huge opposition to it because there isn’t any nifty sci-fi solution in place for it, just trains and buses.

Well teleportation Portals. In science i think that could be the answer, because it is not so hard to believe in an book but i want to be more crazy so i have an other idear:

What about a city that is build like a dyson sphere and it is big but there are elevators al over the place so you can go everywhere very fast XD

And in Fantasy, well maybe there is an parallel Dimension and you go in there and from there you can go everywhere you want in the world.