travel safe kid

My heart is with you,

with you I found peace,

peace I never imagined,

imagined to be true and pure

see now child,

am watching the sun go down,

my grass blade is dried,

have lost hope child,

last heartbeat you flew with,

down me am left broken,

every bit in me is only a mess,

who will my struggles be for?


am crying my soul,

this future I was building for you,

this empire I was making up you my prince,

is all in ruin


am sorry I wanted you to see the light of the world,

I wanted to bring up your young bud true and brilliant,

but the world choose to take you before I wound lay my hand on you,

the doctor deceived your mama,

kid ,

travel safe,

you will always be my one and only,

in the underworld, one day together will be,

Travel safe my heart,

earth of cruelty, world of pain and tears

was never your portions,

forgiver them little one,for our ways will meet someday.

For when tomorrow comes,

out of the sky,

rain turn to ruin,

remind me,




wow, that’s a good poem! very deep-felt

Hi, i’m Bella :grin: now your fellow poet

thank you bella, am kenyan

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Nice to meet you!
what inspired that poem?

was just feeling low, thought of innocent kid somewhere die before breathe

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oh, ouch…

sad part of it all, maybe that kid was me

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I hope it wasn’t, because i’d like to read more… :slight_smile: