Anyone else likes traveling as much as possible? :blush:

Where was your favorite country/place you went to?

What’s your dream trip?

Any plans for the summer?

Feel free to share :sunny::airplane:


I love traveling but I cant afford it lol coolest place I’ve been is England, Ireland, and Scottland for a senior trip. Would like to go back when I’m not confined by the prescens of teacher chaperones lol

My dream vacation is a photo safari in the Australian outback.

My exciting summer plans are San Diego comic con next month. It took me a year of saving just for that lol


off on Sunday for a bit of traveling.
Taking the family over the pond to the states for 3 weeks. rock on!

and so answer another question, favourite place was Taiwan. Lived there for a bit over a year. The most perfect country you can imagine, beautiful, warm with a fantastic culture, barely any crime, polite and lovely people.


The australian outback looks so amazing :heart_eyes:

Exciting summer plans!! I always love when I saved for a trip and wait forever and then it finally happens! :grin:


Fun! The states are so big, are you focusing on a particular coast? :blush:


a road trip:)

Trying to give the kids a good feel for the place. Starting in San Fran, then over to sacramento, lake tahoe, then down to Yosemite, LA and finally over to Vegas and fly home.


I love travelling but it wears me out so I like to do it in short bursts. If I could visit anywhere it would probably be Europe.


This will be my 5th or 6th year going so I’m psyched. It’s my Nerdvanna.


have never been to a comicon, though always wanted to.

closest I have done is a Walking dead event, which was pretty awesome really!


Comicon is Fun!


It’s insanity. Pure insanity. You have to have a LOT of patience. I’m actually amazed I can handle it because I normally don’t like being trapped like a sardine around a ton of people. Yet I haven’t had an “I’m suffocating” panic attack yet when I walk the sales floor. Its basically 100,000 people coming and going + several thousand outside who don’t have a badge just there to cosplay or do the off site stuff that don’t need a badge.


oh yeah, of course, the cosplay.

speaking of which, are you getting dressed up?


Nope. I’m too insecure to dress up. One of my group does with her mom and her costumes are usually awesome. She was Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman last year.


I love dressing up for ComiCon


I love traveling! :slight_smile:

I grew up traveling across the country every year or so, sometimes, every couple months depending on certain circumstances. So I never really had a place to call “home.” To be honest, I only liked traveling because I got to go to new places, see new things, and experience different things. Most people I know have either lived in the same place their entire life and have never gone outside of their town/state, or they have only moved once or twice in their lifetime. With me, I move quite frequently. xD

I’ve never gone outside the country, so I’ve only moved between states in the US. My favorite place, so far, was probably here in California. We currently moved here at the end of last month, but we used to live in the state long ago, as well. Actually, my parents grew up and met here. xD But when I was a kid, I used to live in Lancaster, which is about an hour away from Los Angeles. Being in Lancaster made me love California. :3

I’d love to travel the world one day. I’d love to see Italy, England, and Ireland. And I hope one day, I could go to Wattcon in Canada.

I don’t have any or many traveling plans for the summer. Most of it just contains going to the beach, which is an hour away (we’re very close to the coast). We’ve also talked about heading down to L.A for warmer areas (since up here by Monterrey Bay is pretty chilly) for beach plans. We also have plans to go down to Anaheim to Disneyland by the end of summer. My little sister hasn’t really been to Disneyland; the last time we went, she was a newborn baby, so we want her to truly experience it. :blush:


@cmackay81 @AliciaM21 Aw I loooove California :weary: you bunch of lucky Wattpeeps!

@Ghostly_Girl Same, after a week I miss my bed too much haha

@Prisim Sounds fun! I wish I could travel with an event as a goal but still haven’t found one that justifies the price of the trip :persevere:

@AliciaM21 I had no idea Wattcon was a thing but I googled it and it looks sooo interesting!! :weary:


Same here! That and I do a lot of camps so at some point I need a break in the schedule so I can lay down and watch netflix.


I’ve gotten spoiled since my friend works at Disneyland so I get to go all the time (I’m a California native) it’s another one of those place where you need serious patience lol


Trust me, it was a lucky thing for us to come here. xD I haven’t been to California in eleven years; when we left, I thought that was it. Not only is it expensive to travel across the country to come here, but it’s also highly expensive to live here. And the job market for my parents is really low. So I just thought it would never happen. xD

Wattcon is actually a new thing! They’ve only done it twice; 2016 and last year. On the Writers page, they said that they’re planning one for this year, too! I really want to go. I’ve actually seen some vlogs on YouTube about it and I’m just like, “I wanna be you!” xD


Haha, spoiled! I’d love to have a friend like that… haha

My dad was also spoiled when he was a kid. He used to live near Disneyland and he went all the time because it was super cheap back then. lol

But yeah, any theme park needs patience. It’d be nice to have a fast pass so you didn’t have to wait in lines, but it’s more expensive! :roll_eyes: