Trial Covers! F R E E || Closed to catchup!


Hi, so I’m new to this and I’m learning how to make covers so I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me practice. Just fill out the form below and I will make you a cover. DISCLAIMER : The covers will be simple because I’m just learning. Also, they’re free.

Short Summary:
Pictures you would like to use:
Any other specific requirements:

NOTE: If you’re looking for a serious cover, please don’t request. I can only try. However, if you like it, you can use it!

Help ya girl learn! :wink:


Title: Human
Subtitle:'Why? because I’m human too!"
Author: Kk Nortan
Short Summary: Y/n need help but she doesn’t want it
Pictures you would like to use: none
Any other specific requirements: Not really just go ahead


Hey! Do you have any examples? If not that’s totally fine! I’m gonna request anyways!

Title: You
Author: Cammie
Short Summary: It’s a story about a long distance romance
Pictures you would like to use: Anything is fine but it is a romance novel so I’d like something… romantic haha
Any other specific requirements: None, You have full creative reign!


Hi! Thanks for replying! I’ll work on it!


Hey! Thanks for replying! I’ll get to work!


thank you!


Hey! You need the protagonist to be female right? Also, what genre? :sweat_smile:


it’s a fanfic and yes girl protagonist also if you could make it like mid evil-type stuff that would be great


Fanfic of? Let me know so I could put related pictures


It’s a BTS fanfic


Ahh, so I’ll choose a random girl then


okay I’m cool with that


Let me know if you want any changes! This was my first cover ever! So I’m sorry if it is not upto the mark! :confused:


There you go! Let me know if you need any changes!


that’s good but, i it’s not to much trouble Can you make her look less bada**? she’s just normal


Oh! Thank you so much! I’m going to be using this for a while!! (I’m not going to post it for a few weeks so I can work on some chapters, but I will credit you when I do!)


I’m glad you liked it! :slight_smile:


Can you make covers based on existing covers if I own the rights to the existing cover?


That depends on the kind of changes you want and if I’m capable of implementing them! But I can always try!


Hey I messaged you for further details!