Trial Covers! F R E E || Closed to catchup!


I mean if you’re capable of designing a cover based on a cover I made.


Let me have a look! Inbox me! I’ll try my best!


Here it is.



This works?



Umm, could you elaborate on every element in your picture?


yes that’s amazing, thank you!!!


Oh sure. The cover is meant to depict a chalkboard with a rotten apple. I had drawn the title in a calligraphy the same color as the chalk. The people in the picture on the chalkboard are the 4 main characters, Rue the grouchy but sweet leader, Opal the arrogant but secretly loyal star student, Socrates the witty academics and pop culture nerd (her hair is an anime wig), and Eclair the bubbly and slightly silly force of nature who happens to be Rue’s sister and loves her very much.