trigger warnings, should i have them?


Hi there, I’m some what new to the community and I didn’t know where else to ask this question. So if I’m in the wrong forum section, let me know where it is most appropriate, and I’ll ask it there.

There is a chapter in one of the stories where a one-off character on the verge of death, confesses some crimes he committed, to the MC. One of them being murder, the other being molestation.

I read the content policy and came to the conclusion that it does fallow the site’s guidelines since it doesn’t depict the event in a positive light, and it is simply recalled by the character with zero detail. My question is, should I include a trigger warning in the description of the story, If it so much as mention’s molestation?

Here is the passage mentioning the event. it is an abbreviated recollection of the characters crimes.

Felix was a man who lived in a town called Wilmert. He killed three men as part of a job he was doing for a gang that operated there. But once those men were dead, he went to their wives and violated them. He was caught for the murders and because of what he did to the women, his gang let him pay for his crime. His group were criminals sure, but they did have standards.

He was castrated for his crime against the women and sentenced to a cold exile for the crime against the men. He was not permitted to bring anything with him, not even the cloths on his back. He explained That the city saw the death sentence as too merciful a punishment for what he did, and that a special flavor of exile was appropriate for the crimes he committed.

Cold exile was invented on the spot, to serve as a punishment for crimes too terrible for even the death sentence. You were stripped naked, paraded out of the town, and left to die in the afterlands.


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I mean, does he go into detail about what he did to these women or does he just admit to raping them? I personally don’t think that just mentioning rape in passing is enough to warrant a trigger warning, but others might argue that even just mentioning it might require one.

I think, if it’s a YA novel, then yeah, put a trigger warning. If it’s NA, it probably doesn’t need one.


Also you might rank it “mature”. Though some also add in trigger warnings, you could mention in a foreword that there are some of these topics and etc.


I’m not familiar with this concept of forwarding. Is that just a note that I place at the beginning of the chapter, or is there a designated text box for that kind of thing?


Just place it at beginning of chapter and perhaps bold it so it stands out. Ive missed things in past because I didn’t think small mentions of something without detail would trigger anyone, and then had a reader here or there ask me to add a warning. So I try and do it all the time for anything that may hurt someone.

It’s better to be safe than sorry


It’s either a foreward or a preface. It’s just a note from the author.


Hi there! The italicized passage pasted in this post, is as far as the character went to describe what he did.


If that’s as far as the description goes, I probably wouldn’t bother with one, but it’s up to you and what you think is appropriate for your audience. It sounds like your story is pretty violent already, so this sort of thing might not come as a surprise, especially in a story about gangsters.

My story contains both passing references to sexual assault, plus actual scenes of sexual assault. For the passing references, I don’t have trigger warnings, but for the actual scenes, I do. I also have the story rated “mature” and I have a general warning in the beginning that the story deals with some heavy subject matter.


it’s not necessarily a story about gangsters, though it does reference gangs, semi detailed depictions of violence, and other themes one may find in a post-apocalyptic setting.