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What are your limitations?


At the moment I am not accepting more than 10 chapters.


I mean content wise


Oh, so sorry, I will accept anything except poetry.


I mean Mature, certain types of scenes, gore, violence, language?


Yes that is included. I will accept it.


What is something you would not be willing to edit? Sorry, I am just trying to get as much info as I can, my one series starts out pretty ok, but the series starts to really get more Mature as it goes (it’s not Erotica, it’s just there is an aspect of my Shapeshifters which brings this up)


That is okay, I’ve done a lot of editing with a lot of variety and in-detail types of writing.


hi, are you able to edit my summary for me? im in so much need to amend it and make it sound better thank you


Are you still open and only accepting 10 chapters?


Yes, I would love to!


Yes I am


I need help with editing… Please help


I would love if you can help me.


Hi, sorry long reply did you say you could help with my summary. This new wattpad I’m not sure how to use it lol. How can I send you my little messes up summary thanky you and sorry late reply still trying to figure all this out :kissing_heart:


Hi! Are you still taking chapters? My current editor had some problems with her laptop and I need help editing the last two chapters of the story. Would you be interested? If so, I’ll complete the form. Thank you!!


Of course, Im so sorry that I am late


Yes I can!