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extra info

01. I will only be accepting request for one day.
02. Requests I accept may take up to a week to deliver.
03. Sorry mobile users if things are weird. I’m lazy.
04. Graphics will be removed after they have been picked up.
05. Book doesn’t need to be published, but it’s preferred.
06. My inspo is low so don’t get salty if you’re denied.
07. There will be no redos or changes once graphics are delivered, unless there is an incorrect spelling.



key & queue

a || attempting
wr || waiting response
w || working
d || delivered
no lb || no linkback

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reserved for me



open for requests

Subbing because your graphics are LIT

requesting > cover

minimal simple manip [:heavy_check_mark:]

subtitle*: Exposing the hidden
author: Mirar Rush
short summary: Bilau Carey and friends create a newspaper for the oppressed african American community exposing unreported crimes, crooked police, and much more.
mood/color scheme: Dark, eerie; black, white and red
ideas/pics: On the cover I would love too have floating pieces of newspaper over a city skyline. The story occurs in NY. I also really want the title to pop on the cover as there is no faceclaim. I want the font to be weird/cool if that makes sense lol and could it please be in red. Also I give you any creative freedom besides what I just asked for—freestyle it! Here are some inspiration pics though:
password: Make it better

Stalking with love ~

You opened! :slight_smile:

requesting > cover

minimal simple manip

subtitle*: A Collection of K-pop Themed Stories
author: Jaiyana S. Keenum
short summary: basically a story where I’ll collect K-pop based one shots
mood/color scheme: the mood is neutral but closer to light; you can use these colors:
ideas/pics: [a] a notebook with a pencil next to it and the title inside it; [b] a poster with silhouettes of idols (though one might be enough); [c] a recorder with a pair of headphones. If these ideas don’t seem to be enough, please tell me and I’ll provide for more.
password: make it better (the story is going to be posted on @Jaiyanakeenum37. I’m preparing it, just need a cover)

** I have never used these types of form html things so bear with me please, lol **

requesting > cover

minimal simple [✓] manip

Mr. Schmidt
subtitle*: You never really know until they’re gone
author: ariel lucina
short summary: A German class tries to figure out why their teacher is not ‘right’.
mood/color scheme: happy, grey and yellow
ideas/pics: The cover, I would for it to have an innocent feel to it. Since the characters in the story love their German teacher, but don’t like his face. I’m not sure if that is enough for you. It’s okay if you deny.
password: make it better

Thank you so much!

requesting > cover

minimal simple manip

Sincerely Your Red Head
author: imtotallynotokay
short summary: It’s about this person who writes letters to their boyfriend who’s on the road.
mood/color scheme: Red, black, white
ideas/pics: I was thinking of having Luke Hemmings on the cover with a pen or pencil and maybe a letter or just some writing.
password: Make it better. If you could make this a vector cover instead that would be amazing if not then just a manip will do.

requesting > cover

minimal simple manip

Dear Zayn
subtitle*: I miss you
author: Imtotallynotokay
short summary: It’s the sequel to a book where this guy is in love with his best friend and writes him letters. This book would be about the best friend finding his letters, trying to find his best friend since he moved away, writing his best friend a couple letters and them finally running into each other.
mood/color scheme: Romance, light
ideas/pics: I was thinking of having Zayn Malik modelling with letters as the background.
password: Make it better

requesting > cover

minimal simple manip

subtitle*: N/A
author: Zuzanna Darkbloom
short summary: Every Paragon is one of a pair. When one is lost, the other is diminished. Holden lost his second before he could even remember her. Now that he’s found her, he’ll finally be complete. Katia Yazykova hides her darkest and most dangerous self, fearing the day she loses grip again. Intent on concealing her own violent history, Katia doesn’t know that she’s being hidden from something much worse. She doesn’t know that if she’s found, her makers will turn her into everything she fears. Nothing ever ends as it should, and everything comes at a cost.
mood/color scheme: Greens/Blacks or Blues. Honestly I am not picky with this.
ideas/pics: It’s science fiction, so I guess technology brushes, maybe a winter forest background or some kind of techy/science lab background. She’s also blond with violet eyes, so if that’s possible, that’d be awesome as well. She’s been manufactored by an arms dealer so any addition to a big gun is welcome. For model inspo: Georgia Stanwix (She’s in your Vestras cover). I love the vibe of your covers Vextras and Seventeen Floodlights. Other inspo: 1 | 2 | 3
password: make it better

Hey everyone!! I’ll be looking at / responding to all requests tomorrow morning. The shop will close at 12am US central time (it’s 5:50pm right now).

Thanks for all the requests so far!


ooo ur back, this thread is so pretty :heart:

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requesting > cover

minimal simple manip [:heavy_check_mark:]

Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home
subtitle*: Last Shot At Love
author: Scarlett WIlson
short summary: A 13 years old love story between two people who never find the opportunity to honestly confess their feelings. Lots of drama, lots of sacrifices and lots of misunderstandings make it even harder. So close but yet so far.
mood/color scheme: Black, grey, Read, I’m not picky… should give off a cold, romantic vibe
ideas/pics: Two people in the background (a male, a female), something like the chasing red’s cover… or or
password: make it better

@AnneCullen3 I did!
@RosyKun I am, temporarily hahaa And thank you! I was silently stalking your thread a few days ago. I’m happy there’s someone on here I still know


@undanslafoule Denied, sorry! Your ideas are a bit too vague for me to work with. Good luck with your cover search!

@authormirarrush I’d like to attempt this first before accepting/denying if that’s alright with you.

@Vexful Sorry, I’m going to have to denied. It’d be hard to do this without basically copying that cover and I don’t really want to do that. Good luck with your cover search!

@hatefuls33 Hi! I’d like to attempt this first before accepting/denying if that’s alright.

@IslandApricot I’m going to need some specific ideas please if possible. Thanks!

@imtotallynotokay Denied for both requests, I’m sorry! Good luck with finding your covers!

@witchoria I’d like to attempt this first before accepting/denying your request if that’s alright!

@_ScarlettWilson Denied, sorry! Good luck with your cover search!


That’s alright! Thx for the heads-up