Trope Twister


We all know of certain tropes in fiction that make your blood boil.

The point of this game is to take stale, overdone, and/or completely detestable tropes and level them up. The goal is to find a new more interesting, less annoying way to approach the trope listed by the person above.

How to play:

Person one:
Name a writing trope that you dislike

Person Two:
Come up with a way to subvert the above trope in an interesting way. Name a different trope

Person Three:

Let’s start with this one:


Insta-attraction was mistaken for true love, thus two young, naive individuals rushed into a serious relationship they were in no way prepared for. Things fall apart quickly: fighting, avoidance, and bitterness consume them whenever in the others presence. Idk, I think this counts? :sweat_smile:

Soul mates


Soul Friends isn’t just for couples, but two or three soul that meant to best friends for life.

Damsel in Distress


The “damsel” was actually the real mastermind behind the evil plan against the hero.

MC becomes the strongest magic user in the end.


MC becomes an apprentice to the strongest magic user in the end of the story and left the readers to fill in the imaginations.

Bad Boys that never change and are annoying


MC is the shy nerdy girl who seems to fall for the bad boy, but in reality she is a travelling serial killer who goes from state to state, enrolling in different schools, hunting the baddest boy she can find in that school, and killing him.

She is…


Human and vampire romance


The human is quick to get rid of the vampire, fearing for their life too much to even think about having a romance with them.

Abusive Partner (all abuse)


The spouse fight not physically or mentally, but with love and trust emotions.

Loving Partners

The Bully with just one personality.


The Bully has severe anxiety issues and is one heavy meds that dull his personality and emotions.

The quirky best friend was the MC’s true love all along


The quirky best friend has a hardcore crush on the MC but the MC doesn’t like them back / isn’t attracted to their gender. (I use this one a LOT.)

Protagonist is a member of some sort of heroic lineage.


Protagonist is actually a member of a traitor lineage which killed the heroes.

The whiny girly girl queen bee character


The “Regina George type” has anorexia and is in a mental hospital at the start of the story. MC is her best friend and second in command, who kept her secret for around a year before eventually telling the popular girl’s parents. She’s trying to maintain her and her best friend’s social status in the wake of some “crazy girl” rumors and negative societal views on mental health treatment.

The MC is always a new kid


The MC wasn’t the only new kid that transfer and they both found out that both are sisters.

Making two character that has nothing in common into a couples


The two characters very quickly break up.

Clique tables.


each table is actually a hivemind and they’re all antisocial

Character is really good at a thing without training


They trained in that skill a long time ago but forgot about it.

Hot vampire boys.


Average looking vampire transgender is just average looking with a normal personality.

No chubby main characters


One of the characters is naturally curvy/fat and starving themselves with poisonous diet supplements.

No LGBT stuff.


Plenty of LGBT stuff in every novel.

The Chosen One


OOOOhhhh yes…

There are multiple Chosen Ones. They are all Chosen in groups of two, one as the “hero”, the other as the “villain”. This has been going on for hundreds of years. The Goddess of Destiny chooses these Chosen Ones, and “enforces their roles” (read: taking control of their bodies). Two Chosen Ones, Chosen to oppose eachother, end up falling in love and trying to kill the Goddess of Destiny and you can’t use this as a story idea because I already started writing it, like, two years ago, and I’ve stuck with it since then.

Edgelords with katanas and trenchcoats.